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IBPS PO IV Interview Experiences: Sonali

Hello Everyone this is Sonali.

First of all I thank Bankers Adda for  providing  a great plateform to me and also helping me so much to improve my banking knowledge and competitive spirit. I also thank all my friends who  clarified every doubt of mine .Here I am sharing my interview experience which might be helpful to all my friends.

My Interview was on 9 th feb
Venue: Andhra Bank Zonal Office Visakhapatnam.
TIME: 8:30 am

They started calling inside at 9:10 am . After getting inside they made us sit in a room and one person started checking documents.


1. Interview Application
2. Interview call letter and paste your pass port size photo on it
3. 10 th mark list for DOB
4. Intermediate mark list.
5. Degree pass memo( for B-tech PC and CMM are enough also OD if available)
6. Identity proof
7. Caste certificate( for SC,ST and OBC)

At verification  that person gave us a white blank sheet and told us to write on any topic  but only in Regional language. while we were writing he was verifying documents.

My turn came around at 11:15 am  and  they called me and I went inside asking permission .The panel has 4 Male Members and 1 female member( all are around 40 to 50 age group)
I wished all sirs first together and Mam separately. They offered me seat and I said thank you.

M1: Introduce yourself
me: started Introduction in English( then he said you can also use your local language )
since I am B tech in Engineering

M1: Why banking after engineering ?
me: replied.

M1: what’s the use of your engineering in banking?
me: replied. He was not satisfied .

M1:He again asked me Do you have bank account . How are you doing your transactions?
me: replied(online, Internet ,Mobile)

M1: That’s what I want.

M2:Tell me how will  you deal with a rural person  if he comes to bank to open an account without any documents.
me: KYC norms. According to that I will ask documents and also what type of account  he/she  wants to open.

M2: That person did not bring anything how will you open account ?
me: explained with at least address proof , some Id proof.

M2: no that person with empty hands.
me: I will ask my seniors about what to do.
ALL members: they laughed and somewhat satisfied(I don’t know but  they said okay.)

M3:Tell me about your family background
me: replied

M3: why this bank as your priority?
me: replied.

M3: Are you okay to relocate anywhere?
me: yes sir.

F: she gave me local newspaper and shown an article and  told me to read that.
me: I have read it without any mistakes.
They told me to stop at some point

M1:Okay if you got job and you will get marry right and your husband works abroad then how will you manage? Do you leave this job and go to abroad?
me: I said I will apply transfer for overseas branch.

M1:no there are no branches then?
me: replied.(said some answer don’t remember clearly)

M1: will you resign or will you continue?
me: me replied.
they are still asking me what will you do questions .
me: replied all that with doubtful face.

M1: okay thank you. ALL THE BEST.
M4:Just looking at me how I am answering my questions he did not ask  me any questions .
I said thanks to all panel members and while coming out again

M1:said that you have  to tell this(about match) to your parents beforehand and talk with the other party ,if there is no understanding between you people  then just drop that match if your marriage. with smiling face he wished me all the best.

I once again wished them thank you and came outside. Interview went around 10 to 15 min. Whole interview went in my regional language. Regional Language knowledge must be read and write.
Panel members just testing how will you deal with any type of situation .Just be thorough with banking basics.

This is my interview experience and I wish it went well. Hope for  the best result.

ALLTHE BEST to Everyone. No need to worry. Thanks BA for sharing my experience.

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  1. in document list u said in 4th point intermediate mark list....whats dat?