Saturday, 28 February 2015

If you have hard work will power and discipline in you, the sky is limit for you: Kuldeep Singh (Selected in SBI Clerical)

Hello everyone, my name is kuldeep singh ,22 years old from Rajasthan also a silent observer of B.A for past 1 year.

I am here to share my success story with everyone who read this article.
The thing which is key to success is definitely hard work but your will power is another most important tool for it. just keep in mind don't give up ever

I gave a lot of papers but unfortunately didn't make out in most of them. SBI assistant was one which i prepared with my zeal and enthusiasm as my brother is also in same bank and i really wanted to clear it.
To clear this exam and interview i did'nt had much in my mind , just went with basics like

  • keeping in mind my strong areas where i can score 
  • save my time on weak areas and knowing which questions i shall attempt and which shall i leave
  • most important was online practice for exams just solve quiz or bank exams online ,it really helps in boosting your speed
  • and finally keep a very important eye on marketing general awarness computer and banking .these are the most scoring areas in bank exam, believe me.

Additionally a lot of candidate clear in writtens but fail in interviews though their interview goes very well.

Frankly speaking this was my first ever inteview i faced in my whole life but i made it in first attempt only by just keeping simple points in mind which my teacher told me

1. Never ever show off in  an interview . if you show off anything like your english accent or your knowledge about anything more than the answer required the interviewer gets annoyed.

2. Rather than preparing vigorously for interview study course i.e banking marketing terms etc. you should give your time on your talking skills .practice them in front of mirror or with your friend . keep in mind some simple points ,like eye contact don't shake your legs , don't argue with them ,if they say anything good about you must react properly because these are small things which they are looking in a candidate who can maintain customer relationship management

These were the main points which i followed for my interview and these were the points which help me clear my exam.

In the end, I would just like to conclude that plan your study and then imply it. Daily solve atleast 40-50 problems of particular topics in maths and reasoning. In the good words of MILKHA SINGH JI "if you have hard work will power and discipline in you " the sky is limit for you....never underestimate yourself finally a ton of thanx to shruti mam and whole B.A team. Hats off to your work.

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