Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interivew Experience - Anonymous - IBPS Clerk

Name - Non Gujarati Btech 
Date - 12 
Place - dena laxmi ahm. 
Time - 8.30 
Interview time - 1pm took ( 8 min ) 

Entered room did formalities , sat down & firing started. 

M1 : nice name 
Me : yes it is indeed. 

M2 : ok talk in any language in which u are comfortable. 
Me : i am hindi state & i preferred in English. 

M1 : asked a ton questions on Engineeing which I wasn't prepared but 
still managed to pretend I knew all . eg shunts, lag in power lines, 
usa power structure & finally i gave up. 

F1 : we are just checking ur confidence be cool. Its just the part we have 2 do. 
Me : i faked smile :) 

M3 : was just acting to observe me. 

M1 : how come you have good communication skills. 
Me : natural. 

M2 : dunno wut he wanted to find in between papers was continuosly 
turning pages from start. 

M2 : asked general banking quest. 

M2 : ready to go in rural areas. 

M2 : finally spoke the truth " if u have knowledge NO Language bar " 

we want candidates to be real and If u speak wrong that doesn't matter 
as long as you are confident. 

Me : eyes wide open & smiled genuinely :D 

All : thats it Best of Luck. 

Moral : Be Cool & smile , Even you speak wrong speak it with confidence ( they check ur confidence) 

Language is no problem , its all hype created by people. 

They get impressed if you talk in english. 

( interview happens so fast they wont allow you to speak first answer & wud ask another )

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