Thursday, 19 February 2015

Interview Experience - Antara - IBPS Clerk

Date : 18/02/15 
Time : 8:30 am 

Centre : UBI, Kharvela Nagar, BBSR 

I reached there at 8:10 and found that only panel 4 interviews are piled up today and everyday they had each panel interviews.. Doc verification started at 8:45 and i was third in the serial.. They gave 
each one of us a blank paper attached with a small article in our local lang and we had to just copy it. So my turn came. 

Panel had 4 sirs n 1 mam. 

M1 : introduce yourself. 

M1 : why bank after btech? 
Me : answered. 

M2 : what is a bank? Types of bank? Diff between nationalized bank n 
psb?Give an example of a psb which is not nationalized. 
Me : Answered all ? 

M3 : what was your score in PO?what all que u didn't answer there? 
Me : i said i only had personal que but got a que on postdated cheque.. 

M2 : as expected what is a stale cheque? 
Me : answered and he grilled me on this que by giving situations. 

F1 : what is cbs? What are the func of rbi? 
Me : answered with a smile. 

M4 : what is make in India? 
Me : answered 

M2 : what is a budget? Why do common people wait for it? 
Me : answered and he grilled finally satisfied.. 

M2 : Do u know FII n FDI explain? 
Me : answered. 

M2 : why do foreigners invest in indian market? 
Me : answered n den satisfied. 

M1 : types of taxes? 
Me : answered n den he asked me to tell examples. 

M1 : what is excise duty? 
Me : answered.. 

Den all said ok thank you ? 

Don't know how was it. But i felt Wowsome !!!! ?

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