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Interview Experience - Himanshu Sharma - IBPS Clerk

Hello Shruti Mam,

I am Himanshu Sharma from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. I would like to share my interview experience with the readers of BANKERSADDA. I would also like to congratulate you and your team for a great work through this website. I would be highly thankful to you, if you add this experience.

Why my Interview experience is different?
Because I am from Rajasthan , and my interview was in Gujarat. Lots of Rajasthan, UP and Delhi students are filling forms in different states due to cutoffs. I too have done that. I think that the Panelist were also preferring Local students over other state students. Rest GOD knows
Name : Himanshu Sharma
Date :16/02/2015
Time   : 1:00 PM
Panel  : 1
Venue : Dena Laxmi Bhavan, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad
Background: B.Tech - Computer Science

​I am from Rajasthan and gave the exam from Gujarat. Its my 3rd bank interview and 2nd in Gujarat( SBI clerical also from Gujarat).The reason for this was that 2 of my friends got selected last year from Gujarat because of low cutoffs when compared to Rajasthan.

My interview ​time was 1 P.M .I reached the venue at 12.15 as I didn't knew how far it was from my hotel. There were 8 panels in the building.
Panel 1 to 4 were told to go upstairs and sit in an auditorium . As soon as we entered, the officials gave us a paper regarding info about how to arrange the documents and originals. 

The process of verification started in a span of 15 minutes. My number was 7th in the list. As I was called for verification, they took the docs and gave me another paper that had topics for language test. By the time, they were checking, we were to write the topic in front of them. 

They staple the written topic with your docs(Also,if any candidate is unable to write any thing,the officials write that  the candidate does not have knowledge of local language).​ After some time, we were made to sit in front of the panel's gate. 

When my turn came,the drama started :

M1 : "Aaiye Sharma Ji Baithiye.... Arey yaar tumhare Papa sarkari contractor hai....Phir kyu aana chahte ho clerical job main.. Jao jakr paise kamao"

I explained why I took that decision. Told them my father also doesn't want me to do his business and supports my decision to pursue banking as my carrier.

M1 : Papa kis type ke kon konse contracts lete h?

M1 : Acha tumhaari degree 2011 main hui, kya kiya itne saal?
I explained where I have worked and right now what I am doing

M1 : Acha Europian union main kitne countries hai?

M1: china ki currency kya hai?

M1 : japan ki currency kya hai?

He told others to continue.

M2 : FDI kya hota h?

M2 : FII aur FDI main kya fark hai?

M2 : Infrstructure kya hota h? Skill development kaise karte ho aap log?(Question asked because I am working with ILFS  skills right now)

M3: Floating rate kya hota hai? (Didn't answer as I was unaware of it)

M3 : NPA kya hota hai? Is se Bank ko kya nuksaan hota hai?

M4 : Basel 3 kya hai?

M4 : Apko kisi dur ke aadvasi ilaake main bhej de, to kya aap jaoge?

M5 : Acha apni sabse badi strength aur weakness batao? Weakness pehle.

M5 : Last time Gussaa kab aaya tha aur kyu aaya tha?

​M1 : Tum explain bada karte ho cheezo ko. Thoda kam kiya karo, bank main customers ke paas itna time nahi hota.

I told them that I will take care of it in future.

This completes my interview. Some piece of advice from my experience:

  • Be sure with your language skills when filling form from different state(The interviewers can also try to start conversation in local language). All your mathematics for cutoff can be zeroed in just 1 second. So be very careful about language constraint.
  • Be precise even if u know more about the topic. Let the next question be your answer, instead of finishing the whole topic in just 1 question(Happened with me I think).
  • Eye Contact- Its a must for a bank interview.
  • Be yourself, they will easily find when you make a story and when you are yourself.
  • May I come in Sir..Good evening manners..Thank you's n all- Very important. 
  • Don't wear a full black suit for any interview, its a sign of mourning in English culture, and it counts. Wearing a tie is good.

With this I end my experience. Best of Luck!!!

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