Monday, 16 February 2015

Interview Experience – IBPS Clerk IV (Rowdy2)

First of All, I would like to thanks BA and all the readers of BA who always encouraged me to perform well.

Interview Venue – The Grand JBR Hotel (Lucknow)
Interview Date – 10/02/2015
Interview Time – 1 PM
Panel – VI

My interview time was 1 PM so I reached the venue at 12.20 PM and while on the way I was thinking to revise some notes before entering the venue but as soon as I reached I saw only parents were standing outside the hotel. I asked one boy who is standing outside “Is entry allowed or not” he replied almost 10 minutes before they called all the candidates. I was shocked and running inside the venue by asking guard where is the entry gate for interview. When I entered the hall I saw that hall is full of candidates. Searched my panel and sit there. While I was sitting there I found that everyone was writing on the blank paper in hindi. As I know about that but for confirmation I asked one boy what he is doing. He replied that he doesn’t know anything. I immediately change my seat from there.

I took a blank paper and start writing on topic of “PMJDY” in hindi. One boy came to me and asked what are you writing. I said you have to write on any topic, he was surprised and he also start writing on topic “Banking”. After 2 min My name was called as I am the 3rd this time and I said I just came so I am writing, he replied OK. By seeing my topic one female candidate who was seated near me said “you have to write on yourself, not any topic”. I said I have done with that (waise bhi ye sirf language test hai). I had completed my topic and so I went for document verification. The documents check done by a old man (Mera aadha interview usi ne le liya, by asking so many questions on my profile and documents). I was demotivated by his questions, he wasn’t know anything about IBPS process and he started putting questions to his collegue about the process. He took 10 mins for verification. After doing this one man came and order me to follow him for interview. I said I have to use washroom as I just arrived by riding 15 km. He said OK go there and come to 2nd floor for interview. I used washroom to have a look on my dress. When I reached the 2nd floor for interview I saw all panelist was leaving his room for lunch. Many candidates are waiting for his turn outside the room so I also sit there and start revising my notes. After lunch one by one all panelist were returning. (I saw one man was same in my panel who was also a panel head in my PO interview).
My turn came on 2.52 pm. I entered the room by asking them. They replied YES. There was 5 panelist (4 Men & 1 Mam).

I greeted them separately (1st Mam and then individually to Sir’s). They all welcomed me and said to sit down. I said thanks to all.
M1 (Same man who took my PO interview also): What’s your name?
Me : Rowdy 2 

M1 : Tell me about yourself (in hindi) ?
M : I replied ..

M1 : by interrupting me he asked which subject did you studied in B.Com ..?
M : I replied..

M1: What is the difference in Assignment and Nomination.?
M : I was blank (I was not able to recall about assignment), and I said sorry sir I don’t know.

M2 : You know about Nomination.?
M : I said yes, and replied about that ..

M2 : looks satisfied.. whether a nominee sign required in KYC form.?
M : I said NO.

M2 : You have life insurance policy?
M : I said NO

M1 : You know about frequency.?
M : (I was thinking “Ye Buddha meri kundali mein phan maar ke baitha hai”)
I replied a little bit and said I am not able to recall (M1 looks unsatisfied)

M2 : What is Balance Sheet ?
M : I replied (M2 looks satisfied)

M3 : What is Goodwill ?
M : I replied (M3 no expression)

M3 : Where it shown in Balance Sheet.?
M : I replied Assets side. (still no expression)

M2 : What are you doing right now.?
M : I replied (I am working in a private company)

M2 : What are you doing since you have done your graduation..?
M : I said I am working since my graduation.

M2 : Had you applied before for IBPS ?
M : I said YES, qualified sometimes but not able to get a seat.

M2 : When was your PO interview ?
M : I said, it was 19th of Jan

M1 : What is Contingent Liability ?
M : I replied (M1 looks satisfied, 1st time I was able to answer his query since PO interview)
Feeling good..
Mam : What are the documents required for a company to open a bank account ?
(M1 interrupted her and said I have to modify your question)

M1 : What are the documents required for establishment a company.?
M : I was really frustrated by his questions (thinking ki ye Buddha mujhe kabhi akele mein mil jaye) 
I tried to reply but he was not satisfied. And in the end he explained the answer. I said thank you Sir.

M1 : Do you know what’s the surrender value?
M : I replied, but he was not looking satisfied and he gave me some clue then I recall and replied the correct answer. He said YES this is. Why are you not replying this. I said sorry sir.

In the end they said OK Rowdy. You may go now. I said thanks to Mam and separately to all Sir’s.
The whole conversation took around 7-8 minute. I am happy with my performance. Now all things up to the GOD’s hand. Keeping fingers crossed. ALL THE BEST GUYS.

For all the candidates who have done with their interview-
Hope for the best.. And Go for the rest.


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