Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interview Experience - IBPS Clerk IV - Pavan Kumar

Hello friends I am pavan kumar, I would like to pay thanx to BA FAMILY for helping me in my exam and interview. Interview GK capsule was very helpful. 

  • Name:- Pavan kumar 
  • Place:  Syndicate Bank, udupi, karnataka 
  • Date:   13/02/2015 
  • Time: 1 PM  
  • Panel:-1 
I reached there around 12pm . Document verification started at 1:15 pm my turn was (@2.45pm 
)last but one. They were checking all documents very carefully. 8 - 10 candicates rejected for 
interview because of obc certificate problem (it must be central govt format be careful) 

After that I called for interview at 3.46 pm. There were 5 members in my panel , 1 lady and 4 gents. 
I greet all of them .  

M1:Tell me about yourself 
Me: replied ( included my hobby as playing and watching cricket) 

M2:  who is your role model in cricket? 
Me: Sir, Mahendra singh Dhoni 

M2: In international level? 
Me: same sir 

M2: DO you think india can defend the titile? 
Me:  yes sir (all lauched) 

M1: Tell something about your family?  
Me: replied 

M3: tell us about your place i,e udupi? 
Me: replied 

so now the qustn from my subject and banking starts 

M1: what is balance sheet? 
Me: replied 

M1: what is P&L a/c? 
Me: replied 

M4: what is the diff b/w cheque and draft?  
Me: replied (not accurate ans) 

M1: what is crossing of a cheque? 
Me: replied (not accurate ans)  

M1: Tell me functions of a bank? 
Me: replied 

Lady : who is current education minister? 
Me  : Sorry mam i  am unable to recall the name 

she laughed and said don’t  you read news paper? 

Again she asked again 

Lady : atleast u know who is our health minister? 
Me: replied 

M1: Are you ready to work anywhere? 
me: yes sir. 

they said good luck u can leave ( i forgot to wish them ) please wish them when your interview is 

Overall interview was average. All members was very co operative.The member who verified the  document were friendly the ask me to cool down it was helpful. thank you all  who  helped me. So 
in the end I would like to say thanks to bankersadda and all of you...thank you so much each and 

ALL the best guys ...whatever happens , happens for the best!! 

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