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Interview Experience - IBPS Clerk - kinish kumar

Hi guys, this is kinish kumar (discuss name- kinish kumar ) here.I follow bankersadda from last 6 months,and the credit of this goes to bankersadda which help me lot in specially in GA and motivate me through interview experiences . I m just sharing my clerk interview experience  here.

Name - kinish kumar
Qualification- BCA currently pursuing(MCA 1st sem) Panel -5
Vanue - akshay tower white house comp buddha marg Patna
Time :-8:30 am

I reached the vanue at 8 am they call panel 1 and so on one by one . There are total 6 panel, about 25 students in one panel.We all sit in ground floor where panel wise and 2 document verifier in each panel.Firstly they give us one white paper and say write notes on the topic 'IMPORTANCE OF RESERVATION' in ten minutes and write ur name roll and reg no and write in Hindi language only.
After that they call name one by one and check their document and say arrange document in this format:-
First ur id prove then interview call letter,application form,10 mark sheet and passing,12 mark sheet and passing ,graduation markshet and passing if passing is not then show provisional and last caste certificate if u belong to obc,sc,st.after document verification one guard come and take our file that is verified(xerox copy of all documents) and say come with me and drop me on first floor where panel 5 taking interview my turn cames just in 15 minutes.

I entered the room greeted all the panel member..there was five panelist M1, M2, M3, M4, F1 all are 50+ and mam is 30+

I'm little bit nervous but panel members are so cooperative that I become natural and talks well like natural talks.

M1-  saw  my application form and asked what is the literal meaning of kinish?
Me- answer this after that again ask tell about ur education from 10 to till date and abt ur family.
I answer this

M1-tell programme launched by modi to faster India's growth.

Me-I ans beti bachao beti padhao yojana,sansad adarsh gram yojana,100 smart cities then he say what I want to know u don't say then I say pm Jan dhan yojana then he satisfied and say ya this is what I want to hear .

M1-what is pahal  scheme why it is important.

M1-diff betwn customer no and LPG id and how many digit LPG id contain.
Then he said all other panel to asked question from me.
F1-tell about black box.
Ans-it is a recording machine in plane which tells all details about it when it crashed.
F1-what is hot currency?

M2-capital of Portugal?
M2- stockholm kaha ki rajdhani hai all member asked in Hindi language except one who asked me in English language.

M3-how many district in Bihar, largest and smallest district
M3-largest and smallest state in terms of population

M4-which card u carry in ur pocket
I say pan card,aadhar and driving licence
Then they asked what is written on aadhar card.

M4 - length of cricket ground.
M4-kaun sa desh me dudh ki nadi bahti hai
I answer India they say no its denmark

M5-what is internet and IP address.
M5-news about gaya.
M5-which country GDP ratio is highest.
M5- what is core banking.

Then they say OK thanks u may go I greet all of them say good day sir and dood day mam.
My advice- don't be nervous panel members were very cooperative even when u don't give ans or give wrong ans then politely they give answer and some time they also hint if u try to say something about the question u don't know very well so try to say something if u know little bit about that question they will complete ur answer.

All the best to all !

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