Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interview Experience - Jaspreet Kaur - IBPS Clerk

Date: 16th feb,2015
Venue: hotel arya,ranchi
Time : 8:30 AM

It was a bright shiny day and reached the venue at 8 O' clock . Guard told us to wait outside then at 8:15 we were allowed to enter the venue and asked us to go to the top floor where we made sit into a hall and directed to sit according to our panel number.

Verification started after we have given a white sheet to write anything in our local language. I have called for verification after two guys it took a bit time for me as I have not taken semester wise marksheet as my college did not provide it rather they use to upload the semester marks their website. But, after that he verified my documents though he made thousands of faces. So i would suggest all of you to take your semester wise marksheet.

I called for the personal interview at 10:10 AM .I was the 5th candidate . I asked for the permission and they granted. There were 4 panel members (3 M and 1 F)

M1: come and sit .Why are you nervous? be relaxed otherwise interview accha nai hoga
Me: sir, thank you but I am fine ( he offered me water )

M2: We are not here to check your knowledge  rather we just want to see how you present yourself. (I smiled and said alright sir)

M3: tell me something about you?
me : started bla bla bla ....

M2: aray you are a sikhni and sikhs are warrior...
Me: yes sir I am indeed tabhi yahan tak pahunchi hun after a lot of struggle in life

M3" so tell me the name of your first and last guru 
Me: replied

M2: what is the birth place of guru govind singh g
Me: replied

M3: tell me name of your 5 gurus
Me: replied

M1: interrupted and said aur ranjeet singh kya woh guru nai h 
Me: no sir he was a great warrior

M2: oh aapne toh MBA kiya hai ..looked at my documents and saw i have read forex (  then started on it ) what is current account ?
Me: replied with current account deficit and surplus

M3: which two sectors are more crucial for our economic balance ( as we were discussing on the gold import )
Me: sir oil ( crude oil)

M2 : what was the main objective of nationalisation
Me: sir to have a govt hold for social welfare to eliminate monopoly of private player

M2: no its main objective was its reach ..means to have branches everywhere .

M1:What is the main objective of jan dhan yojna?
Me: replied to promote savings

M3 : he said it starts with zero balance then how it promotes savings
Me : bla bla bla as was not so sure then discussion started ...all three pannel members started given their views and then M3 jumped up in DBTL 

M3: asked main objective of DBTL 
ME: sir distribution channel me ....

M3: interrupted in between and started han kalabazzari rikne k liye 

M2: so you are an MBA and aapki ego hurt nahi hogi kyunki aapka boss toh simple graduate rahega
Me: sir aaj ki date me ek bank clerk ko mujhse jada knowledge hai aur mujhe seekh kar aage badhna hai ....

And with this note my interview got over .....The lady was smiling and did not ask anything. I wished them all and thanked them while leaving .

So this is my experience and and it was good . For me it became a discussion with them rather than a interview.

But I hope for the best out of this friends wish me luck ......

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