Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interview Experience - Mayukh Chatterjee - IBPS Clerk

Hello Ma'am,
I'm Mayukh Chatterjee from West bengal, I'm a ardent visitor of your site and i've benefited from Bankeradda in many ways so i want to give something back to it by sharing my interview experience.My experience is as below:

Interview date-14.2.2015
Interview place- UBI Staff training college, Kolkata,West Bengal.

My reporting time was 1 p.m, but i reached at the venue around 11:30 a.m.After 1 p.m we were escorted to a intended room for candidates of interview panel X.list was 24 candidate long and my name was 22nd on it. i must mention that it was my first interview of my life, and the people at verification were ULTRA friendly, and gave lots of advices and information regarding the interview,also we were asked to write about"Todays news headlines" in Bengali.My turn came at around 5:30 p.m. my panel consisted of 5 members( 4 male and one female).

ME: May i come in sir?
M2: please come.

i forgot to wish them good evening as i was very nervous.

M2: asked me to introduce myself.

M3: what's your subject?
ME: Commerce.( M2 did a EVIL GRIN here)

M2: what is share? what is capital? what is preference share,debenture,bond, difference of three, alteration and reduction of share capital, things appear in B/S,current ratio,acid test ratio,debt to equity ratio,return on investment,is return on equity and investment same?
ME: answered most of them with ease barring one or two as my tension was slowly wearing off.

F1: son, do you know what is asset liability mismatch?
ME: sorry ma'am.

Meanwhile other panel members were busy looking at me with blank expression.

they asked me to leave,and i thanked them.

Astonishing thing was not even a single routine questions from bank and allied things. each and every question was from commerce, although i know the reason because i showed them certificate stating that i topped.

My advice just give your best, don't take too much pressure on yourself, they are friendly, they wont going to bite you if you don't know one or two questions.


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