Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interview Experience - Monica Raghupagthy - IBPS Clerk

Reached the panel,by 12.30. by turn by 3.30.
documents verified ..
they gave white papertols to write a topic in tamil..
Now buzzer!!!!! my turn ,...

M1: Tell me about yourself.
ans:told about my ug,schoolings , residential place,hobbies and interest

M2:you have the certificate of supersinger so u r a good singer
Ans:not a singer but i sing well.

M3:so u do gardening , what is green finch?
Ans:sorry sir !!

M2:ok so u have place at the back of ur house for gardening , kitchen garden
Ans:yes sir

F1:u have individual house so gardening is easy for u??
Ans: yes mam!! 

M1:what is financial inclusion?

F1:who is your favourite carnatic singer at current, present youngsters!!!
ANS:mam, nithyasree is my all time fav and no one else mam.(bcz i dnt no any newers)

M3:Have you visited any slums?
Ans:i haven't visited any but i have seen the place of slum near by my school, ppl with huts,
m1interrupted, so u havent visited.

Ans:not so sir,, i have visited once in my school days when i was studying 5th as i was the red cross student.

M2:what is the other name of red cross in school level
Ans:i dont no

M2:u have worked in cognizant!nature of your job!!

ok you may go.. all the best..

sir any suggestion for this intreview please because they dint ask me any questions other  than this and no news paper reading

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