Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interview Experience - Neetha - IBPS Clerk

Hello everyone, let me thank BA for all all dos capsules before exams  and interviews and all dos interview discussions as they mean a lot to ppl especially like me who never read newspaper.Happy to share my experience.

Name: Neetha
Venue: Andhra Bank,Sultan Bazar.
Panel: I
Time: 8.30 AM
Date: 14/2/2015

Done with document verification within 1 hour and ofcourse very strict regarding all certificates.Asked to write about anything of ur wish in telugu.

Entered d room and had my seat with their permission.

M1: wats ur qualification??
Me: replied.

wat hav u been doing?? haven't u tried for other exams and other jobs ??
Me: answered

M2 : Software company is better than clerk.den y clerk??
Me:answered. (qualified and attended interview of po )

score in PO?? cut off?? clerical cut off??

Not interested in going abroad??

what is ur fathers occupation?? mothers??

women PM?
Me: prathiba patil( after a moment i said sry sir )

very famous personality
Me:answered with a smile

M3: Wat do u know abt ICC  Worldcup??
Me :answered. (read HINDU and yes it helped me)

Whom do u think will win??
Me: I hope and wish INDIA wins .:)

Why so??
Me: replied.

M1: I have a different opinion.
Me: ofcourse sir chances are der.

M2: tell me sumtng abt BMB??
Me: answered.

Did it open any branches in AP and Telangana?
Me:no sir.

Are u sure??
Me:yes sir (as if know evrytng in d world )

No,it recently opened a branch in kakinada. Say u dnt know if u r not sure.
Me:sorry sir

M3: Do u know anytng abt SME and  their limits??
Me: answered partially.he said dats ok...

lady: Did u see cheque?? what did u observe??

M2: Postdated cheque and Stale cheque??
Me: answered

M3: What are KYC norms?? Purpose??
Me: answered.

M1: Difference between current account and savings account??

I was asked to read a column in newspaper.

u can leave.
while leaving dey asked what do u think about ur PO will u get it.I said yes confidently.den dey asked y clerk wen u r sure.I replied dat i have to be on safe side. dey agreed saying u r rite. (Thank god no arguments on dis)

Panel was really friendly and smiling throughout my interview.

All d best !!

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