Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interview Experience - Rupesh Malhotra - IBPS Clerk

Good evening madam,
I am sharing my interview experience and i have one request, please give my interview experience priority on others, as no student from Gujarat has shared his/her interview experience before, so it will help many students.

First of all, i would like to thank GOD, family, you, BA (including students) , CAREER POWER INSTITUTE and teacher who took interview classes in career power institute.

  • Place - Dena Bank, Ahmedabad
  • Time -1 PM
  • Panel - V
  • No. of students -25
  • Graduation - B.Com

All of us went to fourth floor where interviews were going on. More than half of us were from states like Bihar, Jhakhand, Rajasthan, MP, etc who did not know Gujarati very well either writing, speaking or reading. I was 6th to be interviewed. My document verification started at 2:30 PM. Please bring all of you your documents and their xerox, some did not bring and faced problems. 12th mark sheet and certificate in computer operations were also mandatory, which was not mentioned in call letter. So, take care of it. 
We had given a blank paper and five topics were given and we had to write on one of them. I wrote well on one topic. Those who did not write in Gujarati, faced problems and panel members also sent them soon not wasting any time.

I have completed graduation in one year due to having ICWA (Intermediate). So, my document verification a little longer as i had to make him understand this. 

Panels 3, 4 and 5 were adjacent to each other. I noticed that interviewers were not taking too much on any interviewee, whether the interviewee belonged to Gujarat or not. A girl was asked just 4 questions who belonged to Gujarat. My interview lasted for 5 minutes.

There were 5 Males and 1 Female members in my panel.

Me - may i come in sir?
M1 - yes.

F1 - have a seat.
Me - thank you madam.

M1 - introduce yourself ?
Me - answered.

M1 - why did u apply from Gujarat?
Me - answered. (earlier he did not seem satisfied, but i answered again appropriately and he looked satisfied), relaxed i was.

M1 - why there is gap between 12th and graduation?
Me - answered.

M3 - what is export and import?, excise duty?, what do you understand from balance sheet and P&L Account?, What are the methods of depreciation?, What is current ratio?, Use of current ratio? What is gross profit?
Me - answered well, they looked satisfied.

M1 - Do u know Gujarati?
Me - I can read well and learning to write, but don't how to speak.

F1 - this is newspaper , read the first three lines.
Me - I read well , no mistake.

F1 - meaning?
Me - could not tell.

M1 - no problem, all the best.
Me - thank you sir. Thank you for sparing time with me. Have a good day.

Ab sab kuch God k hath me part over...

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