Thursday, 19 February 2015

Interview Experience - Sachin Waghmare - SBI Associate PO

Hello friends, this is Sachin Waghmare, a silent reader for Bankers Adda, would like to share my SBI Associates PO interview.

Name: Sachin Waghmare
Qualification - Pharmacy graduated and mba in phatma managemnt.
Panel - 2
Venue -  BKC Mumbai
Date - 18-02-2015

I was nt expectig this exam to clear, and i hav group discisn  phobia so was nt wiling to apear for this intervr (also i got 92 marks in ibps po sc category so m hoping for this and dint took sbi asso seriosly) bt i thaougt not to miss a chance since last night tried to generat positive energy for gd pi..

I reached centre at 11 am, they asked us to sit in confornce room n started for doc. Verification... They askd 5 copies of biodata which we can print from sbi site... Wil sugest please go through the call later for requiremnts, as some of candidates including me was not aware about the documnts n has to face a problm..

After doc. Verification they provided us a lunch.

After lunch candidates of panel 2 asked to sit in confrnce room.. There were 12 candidates in my panel and 5 panel member 4 men and 1 women..

About gd:
They gave us a topic i.e. shining india... After giving topic they gave 2 min to think and asked us to speak 1 by 1, each candidate alloted 2 min for first round and there is no sequence, anybody can start... (2-3 candidate took 2 min, others finisd wid their thoughts in 1 min).. After that open discustion went for 15 min,..

About interview:
I was first in panel, dint get chance to breath n after gd they send mi in interview rum,, panel member was same as there for gd.
I enterd in a rum and wish them, they askd me to sit.

M1 : so mr. Sachin bhimraoji waghmare
Me: yes sir :-)

M1: which is ur birth place?
me: told

m1: tell mi about urself?
me: told

m1: why dont u become a teacher as ur parents r teacher?
me: sir, i am not good at teaching

m1: why u left the pharma field?
me: told about job stability and security?

m1: what is security?
me: started to explain about the securities which bank held,

M1:  intrupted and said not that security, i mean what is job security and stability for u?
me: said somthing nonsense

m2: what is pharma management what u hav studied in it?
me: explained

m2: do u know about the patent, and what are the problems indian pharma industry facing regarding patent?
me: explaind about the patent bt i think i dint answerd what he was expecting

m3: u want to join sbi group right, so what do u knw about sbi?
me: started from history of sbi, bt he interupted and said dont tell about history, tell about the achievmnts.

I said it is largest public sector bank, govt has 60% of stake in sbi while in othe psb its 51%,  and sbi has has wide range of network as it has around 18000 branches, 54000 atms and also told about the variety of product, he was not looking convinced 

m3: how many sbi asso banks r there, and what r those?
me: told

f1: what is small and payment banks?
me: mam i hav read about it bt m not recalling it nw.

f1: do u knw about rrbs?
me: explained well

m4: what u have think while filling the preference of sbi asso banks/?
me: sir 1st is the no. of vacancies and another is the no. of branches of perticular bank.

m4: u dint thought about the merger of these banks with sbi?
me: i knw about some of these banks going to merge with sbi bt dont knw which exactly it is, so i dint thought abt tht.

m4: what is the birth place of gautam baudhha ( as my religion is baudhha)
me: sir its lumbini 

they said ok u may leave, i said thank u n left.

I dnt knw hw was my gd n pi bt overall it was a good experience, would like to say thank you to Bankers Adda team and all the very best to other aspirants

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