Thursday, 19 February 2015

Interview Experience - Sagar - IBPS Clerk

My BA name is sagar. am follower of BA from 1 year. am very happy to share my intw experience with india's top educational website.

My intw schedule time was 1pm. i reached the venue(andhrabank,koti) by 12.30pm. i am the fifth person in my panel. documet verification was cmpltd by 1.30 pm and i was called inside at 2.15pm. i asked their permission to enter the room. there were 5 members in the panel
  • M1
  • M2 
  • M3
  • M4  
  • L
After entering i first wished the Lady and rest all.

M1: so mr. naga vidya sagar
me: yes sir

M1: you are from
Me: nandyal

M1: do you know seetaramaya? what is he for you?
me: Yes sir he is founder of andhra bank. sorry sir he is not my relative

All laughed loudly

M1: arey yaar am not asking about our seetaramaya. am asking about kondapalli seetaramaya? is he your relative? 
(he askd me bcoz my initial is kondapalli)
me: smiled and said no sir i even didnt listen his name

M1: oh then you are saved 
me: smiled

M1: what is your qualification?
me: btech in eee sir

m1: which college?
me: avr and svr

M1: what it means?
me: names of our college chairmains

M1:do you remember subject?
me: yes sir little bit

m1: good tell me abouy switch gear
me: answrd

m1: types of switch gears?
me:dont know sir

m1:what is hvdc?
me: answerd

m1: what is corona?
me: answerd

m1: what is a thyristor?
me: answerd

m1: where do we use thyristor?
me: answerd

m1 transfed to m2

m2: have you prepard current affairs?
me: yes sir

m2: which famous personality visited India recently
me: barack obama sir

m2: still?
me :sir ysterday srilankan prez visited sir

m2: ok what is his name
me:dont know sir

m2: recent rbi news
me: lincences regarding small and payment banks

me: monetary policy

m2: tell me what are changes in this policy
me: slr was cut by 25 basis points

L: no wrong. tell me what is previous slr
me: 22%

L: then whats is present
me: 21.5% mam

L: then it was cut by 50 basis points na
me: oh sorry mam i was confused

L: ok no prblm

m2: why did they cut slr
me: to control inflation sir

m2: what is the effect of cutting slr
me: more money flows into the market

m2: ok this means inflation is decreasing?
me: may be sir. i dont know perfectly

m2: what is npa
me: answered

m2: (to lady) mam u can ask

L: ntng to ask every thing is covered

m1: ok hero all the best you may go
me : thank you sir 

i thanked every one and left the room gently

ps: total intw was in telugu


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