Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Interview Experience - SBI Associate PO - Ram

Date: 16th Feb. 
Time: 8:30 am 
Venue: SVU college of engineering, Tirupathi 

I have reached the venue at 7:50 am from the feet of lord venkateswara temple in  tirumala. Before i reached the interview block some students already are waiting for the call and everyone holding a news paper for their safety. But i didn't buy a newspaper and simply chewing a centre fresh. I borrowed a newspaper from a boy and reading it meanwhile a guy who looked much tensed asking their friends to bring any newspaper. Later he came near me and taken BA material from SBI ASSO PO to INTERVIEW CAPSULE and reading thoroughly. We called upon inside when we are going he asked me about the monetary policy rates i told. i have seen my number that is 10, and he has given me a form and a white paper to write in telugu. And later verification has done. A girl next to 
me is very cute she is totally in a tension mood even i tried to talk she is not responding.

Time:10:55 am. 

Bell rang its my time. The game starts now. 

I entered the room 5 members in a panel sitting in a row, like  
  • M1 
  • M2 
  • M3 
  • F1 
  • M4 
I wished them all individually. 

F1: u r Mr.Ram right.                                                                                                                                 Me: yes mam  

F1: u r looking handsome                                                                                                                           Me: thanku mam(with small smile) 

M3: asked about my details and my family background  
Me: told that my father is a chief Accountant in Swarna bharat trust 

M3: what are activities will be done in the trust and who is the chairman                                       
me: replied. And told honourable minister MR. VENKIAH NAIDU is the chairman of that trust 

M3: what are business hours and working hours of a bank and what is the difference b/n them.             Me: business hours are those that banking transactions will be done up to that specified time like 4 in the evening. Whereas banking hours are those that staff will do the work excluding the business hours(1-2 hrs will be more).they satisfied 
M3: what is e-banking and  what is mobile banking..difference b/n them 
Me: replied (satisfied) 

M2: what is the longest key in the keyboard (suddenly he asked whether to see my 
Me: spacebar. 

M2: what is loan waiver in Andhra .whether it is good or bad. 
Me: sir it is good with respect to the government and it is bad with respect to bank 

M2: how? 
Me: sir if govt do this thing to the people for the next time also their govt will come the  throne. they always seek for their benefit only sir.(everyone laughed meanwhile m4 told that this was absolutely right) 

In banking perspective it should not be given b’coz if it was encouraged then any person  will not show interest to pay the loans to the bank. And ultimately banks will get doomed (every one satisfied) 

M1: ok boy. then if you are from agriculture background what you think about  this,whether it is good are bad what is mentality. 
Me: if i am a farmer i use to see my personal benefit like the same way as banks see  about their benefit. Then in my view it is good .(satisfied) 

M2: what is micro credit plan? 
Me: told about micro credit. But he replied that i need about that plan. i replied sorry sir i don’t know  
M4: as my town is Nellore. Asked me what is famous in your city with respect to environment? 
Me: pulictat lake(smiled and told ok) 

M3 again: what quality do you have what bank needs? 
Me: patience 

M3: laughed and told u r telling jst for the sake of job . 
Me: no sir i have a lot of patience. (he given me a example of robbery and tell me how your patience will work here...i stunned for that example and no ans from my mouth) 

M3:ok ram what is the expecting score in the written exam 
Me: 150-155 

M3: will you do the job anywhere in the city 
Me: yes sir. 

M3: ok ram you can leave the panel now.. 
Me: wished everyone. Came out  

And i shared my questions with the students who were sitting outside and told my questions to them but my bad luck that girl doesn’t asked me but listened my questions. It is really a wonderful experience and no need to get tensed; they are not here to harm you they are just here to look about attitude of yous. I wish all d bst to all the students...thanku you BA for your capsules.  


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