Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Interview Experience - SBI Associate PO - Hemant Kumar

Hello friends, I am Hemant Kumar 
I m sharing my Ibps clk which was held at Chandigarh sec 17 pnb 
circle office on 14 Feb. 

I reached at 8:30 and we were allow in at 8:45. They give us white paper to write some any topic 
in Punjabi language 

I wrote my introduction. My number was 13th in that panel. Around 12pm my turn came 
I was little nervous in my panel 

There were m1 m2 MP3 m4 f1 total 5 


now my turn came 
me : may I come in 

m1 : aao hemant ji kesse ho 
me: I m f9 sir 

m1: aapki tehsil thanesar hai 
me: yes sir 

m1 : to ise thanesar kyu bolte hai 
me: sir ye kurukshetra ka purana name hai 

m2: OK aapne MBA kiya hua hai marketing se 
me: yes sir 

m1: to banking me marketing ka kya use hai 
me: explained 

m1: what is sales promotion 
me: explained 

m2: what is kyc 
me: explained 

f1: tmara bank me account hai 
me: yes mam 

f1: rtgs n neft krvai hai kbi 
me: no mam but I know what is this 

f1: OK tell me the difference between them 
me: explained 

f1: very good 
me: thanku mam 

M3: who regulate banking sector ,insurance sector,stock exchange ,rrb,tele communication 
me: tell about every thing but about telecommunication I forget and told them I can't recollect right now 

Then m2 told try kro beta then I remember ki sir trai krta hai regulate 

M3: good 

m4 : OK hemant ji u r from kurukshetra vha pe ek bhut etihasik yudh hua tha 
me: yes sir mahabhart ka 

m4: kis kis ke bich hua tha 
me: kaurv or pandavo ke bich a

And then some qstns was about family 

Then they wish me good luck hemant ji 

me: thanks sirs n mam for this opportunity 

I was smiling during my all interview 

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