Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Interview Experience - SBI Associate PO - Himanshu Mittal

Name : Himanshu Mittal
Venue : Tagore public school, jaipur(Rajasthan)
Date : 16th Feb
Panel : 1
Time : 1:00 pm

Hello BA friends,

I reached the venue at 11.30 and they call us to the hall by 12:00 as the morning session interview were about to be completed.They gave us a blank paper and asked us to write on any topic of our choice. Meanwhile they have asked us to arrange our documents in order as-

1. Interview call letter
2. Application form
3. ID proof
4. 10th 12th marksheet and certificate

5. graduation marksheets and provisional

My verification was done at about 12.45. My turn was 8th but they called me 2nd as my verification was done earlier.Then i waited outside the interview room for my interview and now its lunch time so that i had to wait about 45 minutes.Then my turn came at 2:00 pm.

I entered the interview room seeking their permission "May i come in?". They said yes please come in.There were 5 members in the panel(4 Male and 1 Female) I wished them all good afternoon.They offered me to sit. I said thank you.

Here it starts....

M1: Apka naam?
Me: Himanshu Mittal

M1: kaha se ho?
Me: Alwar

M1: Kya kiya hai aapne graduation me?
Me: B-Tech in Electronics & Communication

M1: Silicon velly kaha hai?
Me: couldn't recall it at that time 

F1: Bharat kab aazad hua?
Me: answered

F1: tab se lekar ab tak ke sare Prime ministers ke name bataiye
Me: told 4 names only as i dont know all the names

F1: accha ye btao, aisa kaunsa temple hai jaha shiv ling apne aap banta hai ice se
Me: told Somnath but it was amarnath :P

F1: laddakh kaha hai?
Me: coudn't answer that :((

M2: CBS kya hai?
Me: answered

M2: CORE ki full form
Me: answered

M2: kya hota hai isse?
Me: answered

M2: data proceesing ke liye kaunsi language hoti hai?
Me: answered

M2: batch processing kya hoti hai?
Me: couldn't answered as i never read this

M2: Share or Debentures me kya difference hota hai?
Me: answered

M2: hum log bina bank jaye kis tarah se account balance check kr sakte hai?
Me: answered

M2: accha mobile banking, internet banking, bina atm jaye, bina bank jaye kaise pta karoge bank balance?
Me: sorry sir, no idea

M1: call center kya hota hai?
Me: answered

M1: banks ke koi call center hote hai kya?
Me: answered

M1: Microsoft ka CEO kaun hai?
Me: answered

M1: isse pahle kaun tha
Me: answered but it wos wrong :(

M3: J&K vidhansabha me kitni seats hai?
Me: answered

M3: kaunsi party ne election jeeta tha?
Me: answered

M3: kitni seats hai is party ki?
Me: i said 25 while it was 28

M3: to Bjp ki kitni hai?
Me: nahi pta sir

M4: TV dekhte ho?
Me: ha sir

M4: kaun kaun se programe dekhte ho?
Me: answered

M4: or kuch nhi dekhte?
Me: nahi sir

M4: cricket bhi nahi?
Me: nahi sir :P

M4: kal ka match to dekha hoga?(mujhe pta tha isiliye puch rhe the wo :P)
Me: yes sir..dekha tha

M4: kaun jeeta tha?
Me: answered

M4: kitne run se?
Me: answered

M4: man of the match kaun tha?
Me: answered

M4: accha ek chiz or btao...ye tv pr kuch programmes hote hai jinme easy easy questions ke answer krne pe bhi heavy prizes mil jate hai...concept pta hai aapko uska?
Me: answered

Finally they said, we are done...u can go now, thank you......i thanked them all.

It's all what happened in my interview. guys please rate my interview. i am not getting positive feelings about my interview as i couldn't answered some gk questions.

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