Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Interview Experience - SBI Associate PO - Umesh

Date -16/02/15
Venue - Ahmadabad
Time - 11 AM

Document Verification
Document verification Started. Behavior of all the staff members was very good. Till 1 PM document verification completed so they give all of us token for lunch. We took a lunch. Lunch was very good.

At 2 PM 1 of staff member told us that GD will be starts from 3 PM as panel members are taking lunch.

  • 3 Male 
  • 1 lady
GD TOPIC - Democratic form of government is not conducive for rapid development of country like India.

Rules for GD - They give us a topic and Conference pad and give 2 min to think about it and write important point. and when they start interview we have to rise our hand. who rise 1st he/she will get 1st chance and each candidate get only 2 min and after that when everybody got there chance open discussion started for 15 min and you dont have to debate with anyone you have rise you hand to give your view in open discussion.

GD was good only 2 candidate take 2 min rest of the candidates finish in less than a min.

M1- So how do you know (with name of that police Inspector person form I get IDENTITY CERTIFICATE ) 
Me-I told that I gave coaching to his colleague for maths and reasoning for GPSC.

M1- so you are good at maths (reading my bio data form) and you have good marks in 10th also.
M2- asked me a question but M1 interrupted him and told them he is good in maths not in GA (with smile)

M1- so you came from Navsari what is famous their.
Me- I told them about dandi (dandi yatra).

M1- so why did it held?
Me- I told

M1- so now Gov. take tax on salt?
Me- little confused and told that no but suddently told yes and lady member told me that at that time british take tax and now our gov. 

M2- tell me other thing what is famous in Navsari
Me- told that jamshedj tata ( founder of tata industries) was born their.

M1- so who is currently chairman of TATA industries?
Me- take few seconds to remember name and told cyrus mistry.

M1- smiles happy with answer.
M3- asked me something but i didnt get so they clearify that jaise humare somnath ek bada mandir h waise Parsi ki agyari kaha par h?

Me- told that I dont know so lady told me Udvada.

Lady- What is NPA?
Me - told

Lady- What is KYC I answers and than asked other than bank in which KYC is needed I told that in insurance and she told me that in sim card also 

Lady what is acronym of ATM?
Me- told alternative teller machine

M1- giving smile and giving me one more try so I corrected myself (I know the answer but jaldi m galat bol diya)

And then they told me you can go I thanked them

PS- M1 was very friendly and always giving smile. all the staff members were very good always motivated us.

All the best Umesh!!!

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