Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interview Exxperiance - Aditya Khare - IBPS Clerk

Date – 16-02-2015
Time – 01:00 PM  Pannel – V
Venue – Central  Bank of India Officer’s Training College
Bhopal (M.P.)

I reached the venue at 12:50. A guard at the entry gate checked my admit card and permitted to go inside. I was given a half piece of A4 size paper and an officer redirected me towards conference hall where we were divided into our respective panels. We were supposed to write 8-10 lines in Hindi on any topic.

Document verification started immediate after that and my turn came at 04:00 PM.

I entered the interview room greeted everyone. There were 5 members 1 Female and 4 Male, all above 50. They offer me a seat with smile. The interview started.

M2 ( The oldest one ):- So you have done B.C.A. and then M.B.A. Your specialization in M.B.A. ?
Me:- Sir Marketing.

M5:- OK so what will be the use of your M.B.A. in our bank?
Me:- Sir through various promotional events and offers we can encourage bank’s business .

M1:- OK so suppose you are selected by our bank and you know that all banks are providing various loans at the same interest rates and offers. How will you deal with customers so that they can take loan from you only?
Me:- Sir I’ll provide them small EMIs so that one  can pay easily.

M1:- That thing is already being provided by other banks. Then what?
Me:- Sir the file process takes very long time in every banks and one could not get the loan sanctioned within the time period. So I will provide them good customer service by doing the process timely.

M1:- Yes!! This is what I wanted to know.

F1:- Apni family ke bare me bahut thode shabdon me bataiye.
Me:- Told.

Then everyone told OK that is it. You can go now. Wish you all the best Aditya.
I smiled and thank them back.
Let’s hope for the best.

Thanks Tean BA.

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