Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Interview experience - IBPS SO-Marketing Officer - Sumeet

Date - 16/03/2015

First day first show..but I Was last in That show:)

Venue - Mumbai BOM OFFICE,Bandra(East)

Almost reached there 7.30am and document verification starts at 9.30am..

Everyone is sharing there experience n said yaaar itna faltu interview i nvr seen before..i was veery happy..Chalo Acche din aayenga but jaisa time badhta gaya difficulty level goes on:):(:(

Then its my Turn... 
Entered with smile..
Panel was sitted..6Members
1F 5-M(4old aur 1 Jawan)

Very first i wished them i said good morning insist of Afternoon..

I said sorry good afternoon sir...
I thought they nevr heard that
They said plzz sit sumit..

F-Tell me about ur background
Me-Mam family or education she said both..told everything..

F-Tell me different types of account
Me-mam basically it is 4 but has 2 main types..told everything look satisfied

F-Tell me difference between Saving n current account
Me-Tell everything

M1-What is Test Marketing? He was specialist person..

M1-What is idea screening??

M1-what are 7p's of service??.
Me-told as this was stupid one..

M1-What is New Product development cycle??..

M2-What is NPA??.

M2-How it affect on banking??.

M2-How u will convince to farmer about their NPA amount??.
Me-That d only answer i am not able to give convincingly

Then they explain me..

F-Again How u will target educational Loan perspective??.

M3-Tell me difference between ATM N Debit Card

I was confusedd..:):)

Then he said sorry ATM CARD N CREDIT CARD


M4-What is CIBIL??..
Me-I said credit rating agency then said sorry sir not able to recall..as i was in more pressure..

Then they said Thank You so much:) 

The best thing yesteday was they never ask anyone are u willing to work anywhere??..:):)

Total interview was for 15-20Min..

After finished my interview

Panel member came to me n told me..
Sumit No need to worry your interview was good one or two question we will consider..
N after that i leave that premises happily..

Thats all about my Interview..Hope u like this...

Thanxx Shruti mam n All Ba Friends due to this site i was  able to give answer dat much with confident..

Waiting for result now...
Lets hope for the Best...

Sumeet Khaire

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