Monday, 23 March 2015

Sucess Story- NIACL-AO -Raingirl

Hello all readers,

Today I am going to break my long silence on BA. I have always been a silent observer of this website. Initially, I thought not to share my story but later I made up my mind thinking I might motivate some of you through my story.

My journey has not been easy through the last 2 years. I started preparing for IBPS PO in august 2013 and subsequently appeared in the exam. But my bad luck I couldnt qualify it due to quant section although I had secured total score much much higher than the cut off. Disappointed, I recollected my courage to appear for IBPS SO but again one mark deficit ate away my chances and shattered my dreams of grabbing a bank job.Honestly speaking, I dropped the idea of appearing in subsequent exams and packed my books to sell it away. But destiny had some other plans.

In August 2014 ,IBPS again issued PO notifications. My dad called me to inform after seeing the notification in newspaper. I saw it and didnt apply but I dont know how come on the last day of registration some one's post in a FB oup about being the last day of applying motivated me. I thought, I will lose my chance before even trying for it. Hence, Applied.

Subsequently, I applied for other exams results of which are as follows:
  • IBPS PO - qualified
  • SBI Associate PO- Qualified
  • UIIC-Fail
  • NIACL- Selected
  • IBPS SO- Qualified.

The day I appeared for IBPS PO interview, I became very nervous,hence was interviewed only for 7 minutes. I cant tell you that feeling. I left the venue crying, took rikshaw still crying, sat in train still crying.Skeptical pessangers were looking at me with surprise but my tears didn't stop. I lost all hope that i cant make it and started cursing God for my bad luck.

But you know, when God takes away something from you it always gives something big afterwards which I realised when I saw my name in NIACL AO final list.Again, after seeing my name I literally started trembling,tears rolled down from my eyes, called my family to inform but voice was not coming out of my throat and I was crying for 2 minutes.(almost gave a heart attack to my family :p)

Now, I am really thankful to God to bless me with such a good opportunity, my family who stood by me during all my failures and last but not the least BA team which has always been a torch bearer for me during my dark days.

Stay Blessed all of you and loads of love to BA team !!


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