Friday, 3 April 2015

A LOVE DRIVEN STRUGGLE-Yuvraj Sharma(PO-Punjab and Sind Bank)

Hello Everyone..

I completed my engineering from mechanical branch in 2011 and worked as an engineer since, at Lanco Infrastructure in their Solar division. I had a girlfriend and we were in a quiet serious relationship. By the mid of 2013, it was high time and we were thinking of disclosing about our relation at her home. From 2011 to 13 Lanco saw torrid times and we worked at same salary with no increments. Many in this period were given pink slips and the sword was hanging on us as well. But my team stayed protected somehow till 2013 mid. 

Suddenly in July I got transfer orders to Askandra (A village in Rajasthan and solar power plant site).

Had I gone there,my whole career would have been devastated, because there was no work there and our whole team was sitting idle which meant no growth at all, and with limited resources, no internet availability job search was impossible. The project was too in an abyss with no hopes of its execution. So I needed to make a tough choice, stay in Delhi, search for job, appear in interviws or let myself rot in Askandra and probably get kicked out in a month or so.I took a tough decision, to stay in Delhi and to leave a job in slowdown. 

Mainly because I needed a good job to convince my girlfriends parents as it was an inter caste affair and though highly educated they were highly orthodox. I joined coaching at Bank Power institute at Rajender Place to prepare. I was fed up with the uncertainty of the private sector and so decided to go for public sector, anything it may be. But things got worse when we had to finally disclose at my girlfriends home. Their initial reaction left me broken. Jobless, worthless man were some terms they used for me. They were not ready to understand that I chose to quit my job to prepare for upcoming exams. There was a straight no. Yet somehow I convinced my girlfriend to wait patiently as I told her that I would be getting a job in public sector soon and her parents would agree then for sure. 

So she kept talking to me secretly.I prepared with all my might and calibre and appeared in IBPS PO 13 and IBPS Clerk 13. My score in PO was 90 but couldn’t clear sectional cut off in computers. I was too desperate for IBPS Clerk and yes I cleared it with 150 marks astonishingly. I got placed at PNB and got posting at Connaught Place. I met her parents again, they greeted me well, treated me well. I was happy and expecting a yes. Again it was a no after 20 days. My girlfriend called me, and dumped me just 3 days before my birthday. She said that she can’t take this all anymore and that she herself doesn’t feel love for me anymore.

The girl for whom I had changed my career plan had left me. My SSC tier II was ruined because it was in 10 days from that day. I was hopeless now.Somehow, I regained my composure and decided to rise above her parents one day because they both are in public sector. I started to prepare for IBPS PO IV. During my free time in bank, I would sit and study on my desk, after bank at home till 11. I cleared through and gave my interview and it was average. My score was exact 102. I was too tensed till Finale Result. And finally I am an Officer in Punjab and Sind Bank, got my 3rd preference. Status of other exams I gave:

SBI Clerk : Missed final merit by 3 marks
SSC CGL2013- Missed final cutoff by 17 marks
SBI PO: Score 128, missed sectional of maths. Cutoff was 13, I got 11 marks
RRB PO 2014: 158 marks, haven’t applied anywhere yet
SBI Associate PO: Interview given, final result awaited
SSC CGL 2014: 112 in tier I, Tier II on 11 April

I would still work hard..harder. There is lot more to travel. I need to become an IAS officer and slowly and steadily I am preparing for it. I am desperate to show her parents my true worth..!!

Never give up guys..cause the day you give up, you are defeated. Keep working hard, God always rewards the worthy ones.

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