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Bring burning desire to success- Mahesh Lohar. (BOI - PO.)

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I was a bright student from school so my father invested huge amount for my study he was a clerk in govt. department now got retirement. my story start in 2007 when i have decided to do MBA. completed MBA in 2009  from a collage in Mumbai which is very reputed and having good placement record. but unfortunately I could not get job from the collage. Although I got placement but the company later cancelled placement due to severe financial recession of 2008-09. 

I searched job outside but could not secure a job in my field for 6 months.At the same time my brother started a small  business in Mumbai and i am forced to join. but the business could not survived more than a year and i was back to my village which is very small ( have only one KIRANA shop). this was very hard time for me my father is near retirement (2011) and my brother is also not very much successful. i was hugely in depression ( not talking to anyone, parted myself from friends, not attending any functions, avoid facing relatives even.) at that time my father always kept inspiring me he used to say don't worry. it happens in life, this is not end of world, good time also surely comes.. keep applying in companies  etc.. I lost hope in destiny, luck etc.. used to visit astrologers, pandits to know my future etc...I was severely broke down..
In between i got married due to huge pressure from family and relatives in 2011 but i was not happy...then i have joined a private company as a sales executive in nearby town ( NBFC).. at a very low salary of 9K rs in jan 2012. i lost dreams,,i lost hope from my life to get as a respected job.. the colleages always surprised that An MBA in finance from a reputed institute is doing this job even my was less qualified than me...the life become colorless.. 

Then one of my graduation friend who was dwelling in the same boat inspired me to prepare for Banking Exams. He gave me one of his practice book of preveous pappers. I started practicing in 2012 along with the job but thought it is not my cup of tea.. I have given exams in 2012 but as expected nothing great happened..the sales pressure, guilt of doing this kind of job..always inspired me to do something meaningful to my I kept trying instead of less the end of 2013 the pain of sales job and some unbearable circumstances in office...I decided to quit the job and dedicate my self to banking preparations.... many people opposed my decision.. friend, relatives, colleagues etc. they said at this juncture of life when you are 28 years of age and have a baby girl of one years how can you risk your that time only one person who supported my decision my father..who always inspired me and have faith in me.. he has invested huge amount for my careers and stills spending from his Pension....he never questioned my decision. I salute his greatness...

In 2013 apeared for IBPS Clerk-3 and cleared it with 1 mark above the cut off..but of no use ( even got 75 in interview) but short of 1 mark. in final cut off...

then i started serious preparations at my village itself.. practised online speed test.. studied maths extensively which was my weaker part...practised reasoning...from book...but I had one advantage... i was good in english... always scored good in english....prepared well for scoring subjects like computers....i used to study only pratiyogita darpan for gk but..with some expeirience i found that it is not in search of online gk material i gound a site called BANKERSADDA..AND BELIEVE ME FRIENDS my gk score has suddenlly changed from 20+ to 35..I could not believe in the starting that how can this website compile GK and provide GK capsules to the aspirants free of cost. I can imagine how much hard work it has to do to make a gk cpsule...still providing free of cost..since then BA became my life partner... i used to much time on BA..BA  has become reliable source for information...Believe me  i trust only BA for any new information..whenever i use my androind phone 50% of time spend on BA it has become substitute for Facebook etc. i use to read comments posted by students and get important information...although i never commented but i think i have read 95% of the comments posted on it...

after 6 months of rigourios preparations. Exams Given

SBI PO - Scred 81..( DI section not cleared)
SBI Clerk - Could not sleep a single minute previous night due to huge pressure to clear it--could not perform up to the mark but surprised to be selected finally...Combined score..159 ( 132+27)
IBPS RRB PO - 122.
IBPS RRB clerk - 170
IBPS PO - fianlly selected ( Bank of India)-- combined score 47.(OBC)
IBPS Clerk - Finally selected in PNB (score 70)
SBI Associate PO - written cleared... final result awaited 

Success Mantra..

1. Stop blaming destiny and luck. .."God never fails in equitable treatment.." When you have done enough hard work suddenly you start become lucky...
2. Bring burning desire to success..which does not let u sleep.
3. Have patience.
4.last but not the least " Never give Up"

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