Friday, 10 April 2015

Hardwork and Determination never fails- Amarpreet(Indian Bank-clerk)

Category- general
State- Punjab
Marks- 70.40 overall

Hello friends, 

I am preet(future banker- disqus id), an ardent reader of BA. Here I m going to share my journey to achieve success (Clerk- Indian Bank). First of all I would thank BA for my success along with god and my parents. It is BA who always keeps on motivating me by its motivational posts and shruti mam’s loving and motivational replies. Whenever I felt low two people always supported me and they were my papa and BA. When BA started ‘Achievers Adda’, I was very happy coz whenever I felt low’ I always visit it and gained my lost confidence again. 

So friends, my journey to bank exams started approx 2 years ago in august 2013 when after , while working in a BPO my father got a message from an institute in Chandigarh for bank exam preparation. He called me and inspired me to get admission there and start preparing for bank exams. Initially I was not ready for govt job infact bank job coz I didn’t know even ‘B’ of banking. I was scared but because my father forced me and my mother said, I took admission there. 

Slowly and steadily I started enjoying in banking class especially banking terms and all. I got a friend
from there also. She always encouraged me and forced to practice more n more. Meanwhile, one day I searched on internet for current affairs then I got ‘Bankers Addda’. Really its an awesome site for bank exam preparation. I started visiting it daily and was happy to have BA for GA. Soon it became a lifeline for me. But friends as it was my first time and little carelessness I lost IBPS PO 2013 and IBPS Clerk 2013. 

I got a shock. I could understand that PO exam was tough so I lost it but I lost Clerk exam just by 1 mark that’s too in sectional cutoff. It was really a setback for me. But I didn’t want to go home with empty hands and wanted to be dependent on my father even as I had left my job also for bank exams only. So I refused to go home and said my father just to spend for few more months on me. I ll make him proud one day. My papa agreed, he said don’t worry I ll support u, u just focus on ur studies. 

So friends I again started preparing for PO n Clerk exams with more zeal and determination this time. I joined a library in Chandigarh n started going there. I went to library in the morning at 9:30 and returned from there in the evening at 7:30pm. Though I cleared RRB 2014 PO, I lost so many exams while preparing for IBPS PO 2014 and IBPS Clerk 2014. That list is:

1. SBI PO 2014- sectional cutoff not cleared
2. SBI Clerk 2014- overall cutoff not cleared
3. BOB PO- don’t know marks and all
4. RBI Assitant 2014- failed in overall cutoff
5. SBI Associates PO- again overall cutoff
6. IBPS PO 2014- again overall cutoff
7. UIIC 2014- don’t know its marks
8. NIACl 2014- don’t know its marks too

When I lost 2014 IBPS PO exam, my confidence again broke. Because it was my dream exam. I thought so many reasons for my failure may be this, may be that. But thank god , I visited BA and read some success stories and motivational things, I again gathered my strength and decided to clear IBPS clerk 2014 now. It was my last hope of this year. My exam was on 22nd December 2014 and I had around 20 days only. 

So I again started preparing for it with a determination and faith in god. I solved so many online tests daily, did only practice and practice and also prepared GA and computer from BA capsules. I m really thank full to BA that it provided its life saving GA + computer capsules and arranged daily quizzes on quant, rsng and English too. So finally by god’s grace, my parent’s blessings and BA I cleared IBPS Clerk 2014. But that was the real test started now. I had to prepare for interview now. so I practiced a lot for interview with my few library friends. We used to take mock interviews of each other and prepare each other for interview. BA’s interview capsules also helped us a lot. 

And finally, I got job in Indian bank now as clerk. I am really happy now. I fulfilled my promise with my dad. And finally m going to my home after 2 years with a good n stable job in my hand. I would be no more dependent on anyone. 

So friends, if u fails don’t ever lose ur confidence. Always believe in urself, God and keep focus on ur goal. Hardwork always pays one day. It does not go waste. Just believe in urself and god. Rest BA is always with u. It will take care of ur every subject especially by its capsules:) 

Preet aka future Banker(disqus id)

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