Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Have faith in yourself and Give your best- Dhara Kashyap(PO in Bank Of India)

My Success Story - My Falling and Rising

The story starts with my entrance in college in Computer Science Branch. I had never even switched on a Computer before that. But as it happened I decided to give my best. I learnt few programming languages and most of the theories of computer stuff. But I could not become a cool Computer Programmers(who could do programming and stuffs by self). I was among the toppers in College, so got direct interview in TCS and an easy entry(with 1 month preparation of interview). In Jan,2014 I entered into TCS, within 5 months I was totally fed up and ready to quit at any cost(but I was not allowed by my family).

Then, I started reading Aptitude and Reasoning to get away from TCS. In the mean time I realised I should focus on just one thing - that was Banking preparation. Then, I came to know about schedule of IBPS. Every day I was in TCS, my frustation, tension, irritation rose leaps and bounds. I even fall ill(I had frequent case of dizziness, I was not able to sit, due to that no one believed I would make it, but I never ever lost hope in me). 

On 1st August 2014 I started serious preparation for Banking exams. But due to huge pressure of TCS, my strict study schedule, no family support to quit TCS, being forced to get married as I was a working Indian girl, I started feeling more irritated and my health declined. On 1st October 2014, I got admit card for IBPS PO, I got more tensed and more ill, as even then my mother was not ready for me to quit TCS, this was the first time in my life I took a self-decision going against everyone(Thank God atleast there was one hand who supported and believed in my beliefs).

I stopped going office and started serious preparation, studying despite my bad health all the time. Then, God helped and I got well. Then, I did my best to give max time to studies. I took more than 50 online test series, looked through their answers, I also solved specific books related to banking to improve my weak points. Everything was fine, but I was not sure for GA, as I used to get mostly 3-7 marks in GA, then I got to know about BA GK Capsule from someone. I read that many times and started getting more than 20 in GA, finally during exam I attempted 20 in GA and got 18, I didn't refer anything other than BA Capsules and daily GK updates from BA's site. I attempted 108 and got 103.

Preparation Tips:

1. Take as much Online Test Series as possible(atleast 1 everyday in any condition) - atleast for 2 months
2. Go through answers of Online Test Series after Test.
3. Solve those topics from books in which you always fail during Test Series.
4. Study BA Capsules as many times possible(Atleast Capsule of last 2 months and special capsule of particular Bank Exam).
5. Don't read much 1 day before exam.
6. To improve English, do practice sets, read News paper(editorial, articles).

Suggestion : Take your own decision, have will to succeed, have faith in yourself, give your best.

Exams Cleared:

1. IBPS PO in Bank Of India(final)
2. IBPS Clerk in Bank Of India(final)
3. UIICL AO(written) - could not qualify interview
4. SBI Associate PO(written) - waiting for final result

Dhara Kashyap

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