Friday, 3 April 2015

If you can dream it you can do it- Adithya Kamath(Bank Of India- Clerk)

Name               Adithya Kamath
Place                Kerala (Eranakulam)
Category          General
Age                   21
Alloted  To       Bank Of India- Clerk

Hello to all.

I’m a silent participant in all of which bankersadda offers to us banking aspirants, but I can stay silent no longer.This is my story.

I was introduced into the bank examinations when I attempted the SBI associate clerk exam in 2012.I failed by 13 marks over all. I wasn’t disappointed because I had never written it seriously in the 1st place, and convinced  I should focus on my college studies for now..Then I passed out in April 2014, now clearly lost on the directions to a journey which I knew would lead to my destination of a banking career.

I joined an institute to polish my pathetic Quantitative Aptitude skills and it was then I found about
BankersAdda from my peers. I started following vehemently the site’s updates and even took time to print the capsule, highlight them, read them, memorize them and read them again.I attempted the SBI Clerk for my 1st exam of the year.When the result came out, I found out I did not pass, then again, I had never expected to, in my 1st try. I recently came to know I had missed the total cutoff my 2 marks.The subsequent examinations I had written since SBI Clerk brought mixed results.While I failed in RBI Assistant by 12 marks, it was in BOB Manipal I found my 1st success.Though I let myself get ahead of me and convinced myself that I was a sure shot for the Manipal programme, I was yet again disappointed when the results came - I was wait listed as number 104.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for it gave me the boost and opportunity to write and clear both IBPS PO and IBPS CLERK in the last leg of 2014.The confidence which was instilled in me when I cleared IBPS PO written examination was indescribable and it took my efforts to a new height. I was focused on the best I could be, to be better than I was yesterday. I cleared Federal and Syndicate Manipal examinations and subsequently, the interviews in January and February 2015 respectively.While my parents advised me to take a loan and be satisfied with what I had then, I disagreed.I did not want to start my career with a debt on my hands, I was only 21! Besides I believed in myself, and if there was anything all the success stories shared here had taught me, it was to never lose hope, yet to plan for the worst.

So I waited.And yesterday morning I discovered that I had not made the cut in IBPS PO. Despair engulfed me again. I saw that many aspirants were posting their success online, but I felt no jealousy. I felt empty, reassured that I had done everything I could.I kept hope.And it was not in vain. I passed IBPS clerk with 79.9 /100, getting my 1st choice, BANK OF INDIA, astounding even myself.My dad claims to be not surprised and my mom says I’m ever the pessimist. But know this, my fellow aspirants, the hope, help and confidence that bankersadda constantly provides us with, is a big part to my success.

A few words to Shruti Ma'am.
I have not met you or spoke to you ma’am and I’m still unaware of what exactly inspired you to start this venture. But whatever it was, I’m grateful that you did. For it was my constant motivator when I was in doubt, my supportive friend when I was anxious, and the best website any banking aspirant needs.

Adithya Kamath.

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