Monday, 6 April 2015


Hello guys,

I am M***. I am a regular visitor of bankersadda. I have now been selected as SBI Assistant, PO in Oriental Bank of Commerce, Assistant in United Bank of India. 

I was always a bright student from very start. I used to top the class every year, had a very great impression on my school teachers,on my college teachers and on my social circle too. I was a person so talented ( especially for other people) that parents used to quote my examples to their wards ( and those wards hated me like hell, I got to know this when after so many years we grew up and got in touch again via fb or orkut). 

My parents had so many hopes from me. But my unluck was following me, and in my crucial period of studies my father left us all. It made me so upset and demoralized that I decided to quit my studies. But my mamu supported me in every way, and took care of me and my studies. I took admission in degree college and somehow proved my worth over there too. I developed a confidence, a personality and the traits I guess a private company would have ever demanded. But to my bad luck, I could not get a job, I almost cleared 5-6 written tests and interviews, but all of them offered joining in far away places( I could not leave my mom back alone and I was afraid that people will call me a fool and I didn't tell anybody that I did quit coz of this). My dream company selected me in my last semester, but due to urgent requirement, they called ECE students and left CSE students, as our last exam was scheduled the next day they needed us to join. It almost left me broken. And I decided to follow my mother's wish to pursue M.Tech. I got selected in a good institute and completed the degree with 3 researches published with really good journals(2 in IEEE, one of the most reputed journal in our field). Till now I had selected and accepted the teaching field as my passion and carrier. I was desperate to be a lecturer( my inner soul wanted me to be a professor). 

I joined an engineering institute nearby my place, and they offered me very less, but I was happy coz I was in a profession of my choice. I worked very hard there, people used to get jealous of me that a junior is achieving more( coz I was given the chance to be the Convener of an International Conference after just 4 months of my joining). I was really happy to get a recognition to my talent and caliber. But parallely it all pulled me into the castism issues much prevalent in our state. I was kind of tortured emotionally and professionally( I also could not clear my NET exam by just 2 marks, as I wanted myself to stay in my profession). Then my parents again decided to make me switch my profession as they found me working hard for sticking to my passion even though I was under paid and had to bear tensions at a height. I then started preparing for banking exams blindly. I just worked hard for 2 months when I was on leave. But I could not clear SBI PO( the main exam I was aspiring for). It was almost a level when I was left shattered that I started believing that I don't have any talent, and m just a waste who can do nothing, can achieve nothing). My relatives and the whole society was cursing my parents for getting me involved in a private job where I used to spend almost 11 hours( had to travel for1.5 hours on one side to reach my insti). Nothing bothered me more than the feelings that my mom was dealing with daily. Though I was still satisfied that I will find a better job in my field easily after I get an experience of 2 years. I used to see my mom tensed and sad that her child is not getting her worth. Her words used to break me into pieces BETA YOU DON'T DESERVE THIS. She even asked my younger sister to stop being serious for studies, as she was discouraged to see me into this shit. Then I decided that SBI PO was the great opportunity, but not the only one. I need to work hard and atleast try for more. I appeared in RBI assistant exam but could not clear it too.then even I used to fill up every form, but skipped appearing in them due to my fear of one more failure. I missed RRB PO for the same reason, but then one day I saw the result and cleared RRB Assistants with good marks. my mom was not happy again..A few days later IBPS PO and SBI Assistant results were declared. I cracked both of them. Now it was time to be happy. But my mom said I am with you, but YOU KNOW LAGOGI TO TUM P.O. HI. It motivated me and I tried my best for interviews. I left the job with a full time target to be a PO. I started reading 2 newspapers daily. I used to visit bankersadda atleast 3_4 times a day to not even miss a single post. The daily news section of Bankersadda provided me a nutshell news junction, that helped me save my time spent in reading the rubbish news in papers. It gave me a confidence that none of the current affairs are being missed by me. it became my habit for almost 3 months to even sleep and wake up with bankersadda page open. If the techniques are concerned thanks to my guide, but GA is all due to bankersadda. Now when I have 3 big deals in my hand, its my mom who is more happier than me, my mamu who is feeling luckiest on earth, and I am feeling proud that I made my mom happy. a smile that I see on her face when she dials a no to tell my relatives that yes my daughter is the first child of this generation to grab a govt job in our family. a proud when she is purchasing gifts, a shine in her eyes when she greets somebody who comes home to bless me. I am seriously in love with my success, a proud moment for my parents due to me. And yes this is my success. my parents smile..

Whole credit goes to mom, mamu nd my sister for being there with me in my times of struggle, stress and failure.. Your motivation and support has made me reach here..

na zameen ki umeed, na asmaan ki chaah h
jiske lie kuch pana h, kuch kar dikhana h, wo meri maa h

chale the hum bhi ladkhadate hue
udhed bun se khud ko bachate hue
na raste ki khabar na sath tha koi
par fir bhi phunch gaye muskurate hue

na haare the hausla, na chhodi thi mehnat
najare thi PO par, or padhte the raat tak
islie nahi k naukri nhi thi hath me
bs islie k ye ek sapna tha meri maa ki ankho me

thokar to lagti h tbhi, jab chalta h insaan
rasta chahe koi bhi ho, nhi hota aasan
bs chalne ki ho himmat, or buland ho irade
fer na milega koi, jo tum ko hara de

chahte bhut hain, raste bhut hain
bas sahi ki pehchan ani chahiye
phunchoge tum manjilo tak jrur
bas hauslo ki udaane bharni ani chahiye

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