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Kuch sapne..mehaz sapne hi reh jaate,agar mei koshish karti hi nahi...- Neetika (PO at Bank Of Maharashtra)

Yes,Dreams do come true!

Hey guys..

I am an veracious reader of BA..I feel xtremly happy to share my interview experiences of PO 4 and Clerical-4.. Before proceeding to the details of interview experience.. I was told I m just 21..i have rare chances, i was told I wont be able to crack it in 1st attempt , but I wanted to do. I had reasons to do so.. My father wanted to see me as a PO and I love him so much that if he would have asked for something more difficult too, I swear I would have tried that too.

I eventually fall in love with two words “PROBATIONARY OFFICER” . Every day, every night, every minute and every second my heart has craved for only one thing “IBPS PO 2014” . But Failures after failures were making this journey tough.. ahh actually more than that., when all my friends were busy partying, I here was making my mind how to reach to the road to success. 

I never gave up because guys, when you have that determination and that passion to keep going, sky has to be yours one day. And by My Almighty and my elders' blessings andvery very few loved ones' support today I am a PROBATIONARY OFFICER at Bank Of Maharashtra. I am thankful to bankersadda too. Their GK Capsules  made me a warrior today.

Po 4 Experience

(The 1 min wait right before entering in the room)

Mind-Will you make it?

Heart- Shut up nd stay calm :/

Mind-It will literally hurt gong back from u want to? K

Heart-No,never.. (Tringgg.. the bell rings) Jai Mata Di! I entered..

Good afternoon Mam, Good afternoon Sirs..

M1(The boss)- Sit..sit.. comfortably

Me- i m pretty comfortable. (garr..stop it.. Nd wear a smile)

M1- So, Neetika..what does your father do?

Me- Sir,he is engineer in railways.

M1-ohh..then at what places he was posted so far.

Me- told..(my heart to bahut down to earth log h..u can do it..cumon)

M1- When was first train started nd from where to where?

Me- ( Fishh! How dint i hv a thought i may be interviewed on railways too -_-) I was blank..

M1- (With a firm look ) U dont know this? U travell on just  free  passes in railways..?

Me- I smiled..nd dat was a natural smile..nd said I m sorry sir..i shud hv known this..U r right.. m wondering why i mistake..  -_-

M1(his angry face turned into a really humble one) - Are,cumon its ok..u shud not need to know everything! Achha tell which railways it is..the zone..i mean?

Me-With a smile..Sir,its Northern Central Railways.

M1-Good. What other exams hv you appeared for?


M1-ok..Pointing his hand to M2.

M2-How banks help poor people?

Me-(yippiee..i know begins my mini lecture.. :D

Covered from RRbs to Jan dhan yojna to priority sector lending to social responsibility of banks.

M2- ok. Define Atm. And its working hours too

Me-told happily.

M3(The  observer) ohk,Neetika do u know why Allahbad is famous for something related to railways?

Me( Railways again..dammnn..i shud hv appeared for railways only -_-  Emm..sir its headquarter is there.

M3-What is that headquarter called?

Me- (was about to utter Sorry sir..) but sum magic happened and M1 became my saviour nd told Are dont ask bout railways na..ask sumthing else. (I think..My mistake line has worked on him tabhi..yeas!) of Nepal?Me-Kathmandu

M3- Bangladesh? Me-Dhaka.

M3-What is project appraisal?

Me- Sorry sir,i hv no idea.

M3-What is micro nd macro economics?


M3- Diff between recruitment and selection?

Me- told.

M3-ok..Mam,now u can ask

Mam- Who was the chief guest of Republic day parade?

Me- Excitedly.. Sir Barrac Obama.

Mam- What deals hv been signed?

Me-told about the nuclear deal.

Mam- 3 smart cities project America is funding for?

Me-Allahbad,Vishakhapatnam and..and one more..sorry mam not remembering right now.


M1-that's it.. thank you Neetika nd pointing his hand towards the bowl of toffees.

Me-got a big smile(though my Mind shouted tofee mili..ab beta yi se Tata bubye mtlb)

I said thankyou sir..

M1-are take take..

Me-took 1 lookd at them..they all were looking at me only..i controlled nd said thankyou was my pleasure meeting you all.

Tips- Interview is all about your temperament and ur u deal with the questions. The moment I said sorry..i shud hv known,its my mistake on M1's question..he got pleased..his expressions changed nd he came in my favour eventually. So,guys have that faith in yourself nd most importantly be yourself even if you dont know the basic answer. All the best to all the future bankers!

Roll No-3061321219 and Total score-51.6

Interview center-KANPUR

Clerical Experience :-

This was the ultimate experience of my life.. I had never imagined this kind of conservation with the panel..

The panel was of 4males and 1 female..4th male was the observer,he didnot speak at all.

Goodmorning mam..goodmorning sirs..

Mam-You are Neetika? What is the meaning of Neetika.

Me- Mam,Neetika means someone who follow her own Morals and rules. It has been deprived from the word "Neeti".

M1-Ok,ok Neetika..introduce yourself.

Me- Did.

M1-And in which firm is Mr. Engineer?

Me- Emm..who..? My father? He is in railways..he is senior engineer in railways in Kanpur.

M1 nodded and M2-and what has she  done?(he was busy sipping his tea when i was introducing myself :p )

M1-Inhone kia h.. Beta,after B.b.a why are u applying for clerical? You must hv thought to become manager in your life.

Me- No,sir itsnt like that..its like is somehow related to banking and since clerical is the entrance to this industry,i wont mind taking a small step to reach the last step of  my career's ladder.

M1-Good,but yi soch ke PO Ni Dia kya?

Me- Ni..sir, bilkul Dia tha.. -_- much score?

Me- Sir,97. (they all got super excited) :-D

M1- Areee..fir Kyu aai ho yha..congratulations..ab to PO ban gi..

Me-Smiled. NO, Sir Abhi can never be sure of it.

M2-Achha kaisa interview gaya tha?

Me-Sir,according to me to achha hi tha..but ab pta Ni unko kaisa lga hoga..

M3-Nahi..nahi..jaisa lgta hai..waisa hi hota hai..dont wory mithai taiyyar rakho.

M1-Achha,kya pucha Tha unhone jo you could not answer?

Me-Sir,they asked me about railways as my father is in couldn't answer that only.

M2-Are,that isn't an issue. Achha..beta what do u like most? We dont want to ask anything today from you.

Me-I literally had a big smile.i controlled and said,i love writing and travelling both.

M3-Give examples..what do u write?

Me- Sir..i write short poems and i have wriiteen many nukkad nataks too during my college days.

M3-Achha, koi apni likhi poem sunao..  ^_-

M4-aur achhii sunana..(finally he spoke ;))

Me- Ji Sir,sure i will try.

They all nodded..with yes..

Me-I started by maintaining eye contact with each of them with each line..

Kuch sapne..mehaz sapne hi reh jaate,agar mei koshish karti hi nahi..
Manzil Mil He Jayegi Ek Din chahe dheere dheere He Sahi
Kabhi kabhi rasto pe akela chalna kathin jaroor hota hai..
Aur na chale agar to bhi to ye dil rota hai..
Islie  zindagi mei mein badhna chahti hu,girna bhi chahti hu
Bus ek paon pe  ther  ke rukna nahi janti hu..
Kyuki kuch sapne mehaz sapne reh jaenge,agar mei  koshish krungi hi Nahi...

ND i had watery eyes..they all said..good..very good beta. J

M3 eventually raised his one eyebrow nd looked to mam in a omg expression nd said Kyu mam sahi h? Mam,do u want to ask something?

Mam-With a omg reaction too said i dont wana ask anything..she is good.

M1-Add one line more beta that "Sapne sakaar ho gae"

Me- thankyou so much will be my biggest happiness.

M2- and why do u like travelling? Speak about it for 1 minute.

Me-I told about my passion to explore new things,new culture,new places. Told them about my experience of Katra,i latest went there to Vaishno Mata temple.

M1-Yes..yes..Uss mandir Mei vastavikta hai..

Me-Ji sir bilkul.

M1-Humse jitna ho paega,we will do here beta..baki mithai taiyyar rakho. Thank you.

Me-Sure sir,thank you so was my pleasure meeting you all.

I was about to reach to the door..

M3-But you did not take our will u send mithai?

Me- Sir, log kehte hai duao Mei yaad rkhna.. i will keep you all in my prayers.

M3-Are nahi nahi..i was joking.

Me-Thankyou sir. And finally left.

When i came out..i was the happiest person in my venue. I was given a ray of hope about my final selection that too by the panel itself :)

That’s it..keep doing guys, And remember there are no shortcuts for few things in life. And eventually “Success” is one of them,

Love and Luck,


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