Sunday, 5 April 2015

Mom's Daughter - JOTS - PNB (PO & Clerk)

Name-jots :)
Graduation sub-bca (2014)
Final selction- pnb (both po and clerk)
Earlier - selected in rbi assist..( interview me 4 marks aur dete  ..huh)

when everyone is writing thier own sucess stories..i would like to tell about my mom's success...yes.. whatever i am today is only due to my mom.

my mom mrs Shyama singh , a home maker is a gold medalist from M.D.D.M (Muzzaffarpur,bihar)  in political science. She was selected for the post of lecturer in a college but due to families obligations she refused this proposal.
my family is an autocratic one.. there was no place for girl childs in it, but my mom took great care of me and always supported my education, she didnot wanted me to suffer the same pain she had sufferred due to my father's unemployment at early stage of thier marriage.
My mom wanted to give me the best education , she joined a school and thus paid my fees. She never let me feel that none of my family members ever accepted me as a part of thier family :(
in my college days also many problems came but my mom always stood by my side. unfortunately none of my elders cousins (sisters) were sent to college. every one was against higher education of girl, altough i have bank officers in my own family, my grand pa also worked in PNB .
My mom never let me touch even a single house hold work and always inspired me to do more and more hard work.
its only due to her faith, blessings and prayers that i have achieved sucess today . and that also in my 1st attempt 

Its really true that ....." god created mother because he could not be with us all the time".

love u ma  :)
and thnx BA :))

yours truely 
jots :)

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