Sunday, 5 April 2015

MY Success Story – “My name is not important but my story is”

It’s quite an unusual story and would not like to call it a success story because for me success is getting to the next level and it’s not static. I am 28 years old, having lived quite a reasonable life with almost all luxuries a person would want. I did not have any career plans and in fact this is the reason I am not where I could have been knowing my own potential.

“It’s not our conditions, it’s our decisions that shape our destiny”

However I believe life is fair and gives an individual quite number of opportunities to get to the right path and make course corrections. I got lot of opportunities and would never regret or blame my past. I also believe it’s important to face failures and you are privileged if you face them as early as possible in your life. They are the real life lessons that can never be taught by anyone on this planet.

“When you are going through some tough times you don’t want to just go through them, you want to grow through them”

I did not get through medical entrance exam after my intermediate even after giving a year for preparation. I decided to move on and get some work experience, I moved to Gurgaon to work in BPO’s, worked there for 4 years. What I learnt was corporate culture, good commination skills, confidence in myself along with a reasonable salary.

“You got an idea, you got a dream, you got to take the responsibility to make it happen”

Having worked for 4 years and after enrolling for correspondence graduation courses I could not complete my graduation, due to various reasons. Life was tough with night’s shifts and unstable career. Had to take a decision to either continue or leave my job to complete my education. I choose later, came back to my hometown and enrolled for a graduation course. Along with it I also opened a small institute to train students on various soft skills to earn my daily expenses.

“You will win if you don’t quit”

I completed my graduation in May 2014 with first division in Arts. Simultaneously I also prepared for various entrance exams and my prime focus was civil services. I appeared for 2014 prelims but could not make it to mains. I had to have a job as soon as possible due various sociological reasons. I decided to prepare for bank exams and my first failure was SBI PO 2014. It was a wakeup call because I am extremely poor in Math’s, I worked on my weakness and strengthened my strong areas with regular practice and daily self-introspection.

“You want to make it, you got to out think and outwork the competition”

Finally after lot of failures I cracked few exams like BOB Manipal, Syndicate Manipal, IBPS PO, SBI Associate PO, NABARD Prelims, SSC prelims. I thought it would be easy to get through the interviews and get a job, again I got some good lessons after not being able to make up to the final list of BOB & Syndicate Manipal.

“What you do 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon is very important, but what you do in 5 in the afternoon and 8 in the morning is what going to determine where you go if life”

I again worked on my interview preparations and made it a strong area as a result of which despite getting low marks in IBPS PO I am placed in Syndicate bank PO only on the basis of my excellent and comprehensive interview preparation. There are many results to come but I am sure to join Syndicate bank as soon as possible as for me to get a job is a priority at this time.

“Always strive to get on the top because it’s the bottom that is overcrowded”

What lessons you can take from my story is, never give up, realize your mistakes and weak areas, introspect on them, work hard, develop required skills and constantly strive for excellence every day. It’s all about patience, perseverance and self-improvement.

Few life lessons I have learned so far -

“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not being prepared”

“Best revenge in life is massive success”

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