Monday, 13 April 2015

Scorching heat makes you stronger- Sonali Sharma (PO- Bank of Baroda)

Name: Dummy
P.O. in Bank of Baroda

Finally after much introspection I'm penning down my story.

I come from a middle class family. In school I was always counted as a mediocre student. In college I was among the low scoring students.So all in all my life has been a mediocre life with very less money and very less intellect.After my graduation in economics from Delhi university I was lost. I didn't want to study economics any further but I could see no other option but a masters degree that time. 

No enthusiasm and no interest made me fail in all the entrance exams.I was heartbroken. Lost my confidence. But my father was focused. He wanted me to become a government employee. His persistence made me join CAREER POWER. And all thanks to this institute that this mediocre student made it.Like I said I come from a middle class family,it was difficult to arrange the fee. But my mother arranged it from somewhere. After my class everyday I'd walk back home around 4.5km in scorching sunny days to save money. And when my coaching friends asked me why I walk such a big distance I was embarrassed. I just replied I like walking. 

While walking also I started studying. I gave last year's clerk. Qualified. But I could not make it till the final result.Waited another year. Worked even harder. And with god's grace and my parent's blessings I cleared every exam. Finally now selected as a PO in Bank of Baroda.

My story is an example for all the mediocre students that all you require is guidance and hard work. And all the hard work and the scorching heat pays off when you see your parents proud of you.

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