Monday, 13 April 2015

Six in last ball ,waiting for third umpire- Hari krishan


This is Hari krishan from Pali,Rajasthan and here it my story how i taste my success. I belong to SC Category and now i am 33 yr old. Actually till 2010 i had never thought of apply for any PSU/GOVT even when my father is a Retd Army person. Actually after i Graduate in 2004 and when i look back at my percentage of my education it was really disaster 51% in 10th 49% in 12th with supplementary and 48% in college with supplementary. So i though study is not my cup of tea and i should not waste my daddy money on them so i started working. 

I went to delhi and started with small  job from Eureka forbes Salesman to domino Pizza delivery , Salesman in shopping mall till 2007 then i got a quite decent job in Liberty Footwear i worked there till 2010 and then i went to home for some reason (planning my marriage) but in those period i got to know that i stuck with diabetes and my parent clearly told me that you can’t keep control on your health while working in Delhi as you are still single and when my in-law got to know that their son-in-law is a diabetic they called off the 03 year old  sagai  you know.. i left my job and back at home thinking what best i can do from here. 

So i start  a small computer shop (like internet cafe)  with earning just 7-8 thousand pm. my work in shop includes data entry and online form filling and when people comes to me for their form filling i had to start with a dummy so i first fill my form so that i can understand to what and how is the procedure then only i thought i should also try for the govt job waise bhi SC category me fee bahut nominial hoti hai. As my college subject was maths and my hobby is reading newspaper and magazine so GK,MATHS,Computer was ok only Reasoning,English was the tough task, my first attempt was IBPS 2011 when they send mark sheet i got 148/250 mark but that time we have to apply on individual bank, i applied to 02 bank but no any call...  my second exam was LIC ADO i cleared that exam at final stage but at the time of medical test when they come to know that i am diabetic they reject me and send a letter that under the section of ......we are sorry........

I was very depressed and drop the idea for any govt job as i know medical test is essential for any job and they will reject me on last stage then what‘s the use. Then in july 2013 i read in a newspaper NAFA NUKSAN a Hindi newspaper (like financial times in English ) a story was there where a person clear the bank exam but the bank denies on medical ground that there was problem in his heart or kidney i exactly don’t remember..than High Court order that bank to appoint that man as a PO because PO job not includes any hard work or manual labour.. till then i was already 31 year means after age relaxation that would be my second last chance for bank i pull up my socks and start preparing i applied for RRB ,CLERK,PO.

And the result was RRB 101 marks (no vacancy in Rajasthan that year)

CLERK 85 marks but final cut was 45.06 missed by .04 marks

PO only 51 marks in written no interview

I was just become blank  than my father said this will be your last chance you should join some coaching but i was 32year and i feel very uncomfortable to join any coaching as i look more like a man than a student. I told my father that i will not go to shop. There is a library in my city (where we can only read magazine, newspaper and competition exam book) and timing was morning 08.00-11.00 AM and evening 04.00-07.00PM I start visiting library regularly and practise sample paper there are some student who come to my shop for form filling they were also preparing for IBPS some of them were taking coaching from Jodhpur they became my colleague though some of them call me uncle. 

That time till the exam was very crucial i had to clear the exam in that last attempt because that was my last chance i practise on my weak point reasoning and english..i filled the form for SBI PO,RRB ASST and all other INSURANCE exam also as the syllabus was same ...when was i giving PO exam ... at one point i thought it’s too hard and sat for few minute than i thought lets attempt as much as i can...then it was clerk exam it was as per my expectation .. on result day i got interview call from PO ,CLERK and United Insurance exam. 

My father said you should join some interview coaching but i thought i will make it.... when the interview of PO was going on of interviewer said you just come without preparation ...don’t’ you think you should avoid this kind of question.. and when i went for CLERK  interview two of the PO interviewer person were there, they said we have met before....and than all well.

The final result CLERK 140 written mark 69.2/100 got first choice

PO 82 written mark 42.8/100 also cleared

RICEM(Rajsthan Sahakari bank) 97.2/120 written mark..sure to make it too.

Though the result is clear but still i fear i also had to go to HIGH COURT because my medical problem will create problem. I am keeping my finger crossed. I am sad about everybody i know, in my knowledge failed in the exam though they were taking coaching from Jodhpur only 01 person selected as clerk who is also serious like me.

Advice for only serious aspirant – Think any exam as your last chance and if possible tell everybody that what you are preparing for so... than you will feel pressure of .....log kya kahenge...

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