Monday, 6 April 2015

Success Story - Chaitanya Sawarkar - Dena Bank

Hi Friends,

I am Chaitanya Sawarkar. I did my Engineering from Medi-Caps college, Indore(2010 pass-out). I was selected through campus but I left the job in just 4 months as I was not comfortable working in IT company. For past 3-4 years I have been giving every govt exam like UPSC, Banks POs, Insurance. Every time I failed by just 2-3 numbers. For 3 times I gave interviews but was rejected. I was very frustrated. Finally this year I got selected in Dena Bank as PO. But every time I took these exams I followed some simple steps which I would like to share with you all. These techniques, I think, are must. I am sharing what you need to do for following sections.


a) Data Interpretation : 
(i) Study every type of graphs and chart. 
(ii) Mix them up and try soving as mush questions you can. 
(iii) Selection of questions is must. You don't have to solve all 5-6 questions that comes with one chart. Solve easy ones. You will know difficulty level once you start practicing them. Leave Qs that consume time. 
(iv) last but not the least learn tables, squares,square roots by heart(till 30) and fractions or percentages. Don't try to learn VEDIC maths(stick to traditional method you are comfortable with)

b) Reasoning:
(i) Make a list of topics you have to work on. like Time and work, Puzzles, Speed-Boat, Syllogisms. etc. 
(ii) try to solve simple questions first,start from syllogisms(it will boost you confidence),puzzles then Machine design. This way you'll complete ~20 questions. Then solve tougher Questions if time permits.

c) General Awareness: 
(i) One Magazine and one newspaper is enough. 
(ii) First read NCERT Economics book if you want to understand newspaper (12th class micro and macro economics, and 11th class Indian Economics Development)

NOTE : Magazine = No need to buy Competetion magazines. Just download Bankers Adda Capsule. Bankers Adda capsule is for revision. For newspaper ONLY THE HINDU, nothing else.(It helps in english section)

d) English : 
(i) Read THE HINDU and never miss Editorials. Try counting your reading speed(in words per minute) 
(ii) Start with close test, error correction, jumbled sentences. Since I am from English medium I didn't do much so can't tell you much about English(irony).

For Management Questions in SBI refer Bankers Adda capsule ONLY

For Descriptive, attempt comprehension at last because if you are out of time you can at least attempt 2-3 Qs but if you leave essay you will lose 10 marks straight away.

Time management is very important. I divided my time as follows
40 min - reasoning
45 min - DI/Maths
10 min - GA
25 min - English

Thanks and Wish you all the best.

LASTLY I would say

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" 

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