Friday, 10 April 2015

Success Story - KK - Canara Bank PO

I am a regular reader of BA.

First of all I would like to thank Almighty GOD, my parents, my hubby, my son, and BA. This success is not my success, it goes to my mom and my baby (1 yr 9 months old). 

I am sharing my story here. I completed B Tech in ECE from the top 3rd engineering college of my state. Got campus placement in my 7th semester in one of the top IT MNC company as Associate software engineer. My parents was so happy and they were proud of me.

I joined the company on April 2011. But when training started itself i found that the subject and job were not interesting for me. Still i completed my training successfully. After 4 months of joining my marriage was fixed.

My hubby was proud of me that i am working in a very good company that too got through campus placement because he suffered to get a job after his graduation as there were no placements at that time. Initially I didn't share my job concerns with him. Time went and i was getting more stressed. When i was pregnant i couldn't withstand my tension and stress level and finally with full guts I resigned the job. My hus and parents were very sad. He scolded me, not for money or salary he always want to see me in top position. He said i resigned my job because i got it very easily. But i convinced him that i cant continue in IT job as i am not interested and cant work there.

Anyhow I need another job because i don't wish to be a 'housewife'. Then i thought of career in banking sector. But i couldn't go for coaching or study properly because i have an infant boy and want to take care of him. After he turned 1 year old i thought of preparing for bank exams seriously and joined a coaching class which is in another district, i have to stay there and can come home only on weekends. it worried me a lot. Seeing this my parents and hubby suggested me to postpone this preparation for 1 year. But i thought chances wont wait for us, may be i wont get a good chance next year; within 1 year things may change a lot. i told this to them. They said its all my wish and they will support me in all ways. 

I joined the class on 10th June 2014, when i started my preparation I found GA part very tough and took more time while preparing notes from Hindu paper daily. At that time teachers told us about Bankers Adda. I was very happy to see daily gk updates in BA and helped me a lot to prepare my daily ga notes. The Monthly GA and Exam special GA was also very very helpful. Without BA i couldn't have cracked GA section
The main problem i faced at that time was my parents have job and who will take care of my kid. My in-laws wont stay long and take care of my kid. My mom is a teacher and said she will resign her job but i didnt allow her to do that. We arranged a baby sitter, and gave her 10000/month but she was a lazy lady and  left after 1 month. I don't know what to do, i cried & prayed to god. Again my mom was ready to resign, but i didn't allow. We came to know a paediatrician running a day care institution where infants get special care. We decided to leave our baby there during working hours. At that time my dad got promotion and transferred to a distant place. My mom alone took my baby to day care in the morning and back in the evening. He used to cry when she drops him at day care. It made her sad. My mom is great, she prepared everything, dropped my son at day care and then went for work. This continued for 2 months. My baby suffered from small illness 2/3 times. Next 1 month my mom took leave to take care of him. My mom and my little one suffered a lot, so as i wrote earlier the success goes to them.

Coaching class was of 6 months duration but i left it after 4 months on 10th October 2014. I arranged a babysitter for my son and  prepared for ibps PO exam at my home. I passed both ibps PO and clerk written exams. I had a very good interview in both. On April 1st I felt so happy to see that i was allotted to Canara bank as PO. My parents were once again proud of me and they hugged me. At that time my cutie pie was sleeping, i hugged and kissed him; he smiled in sleep.The saying "God and children are same" is true :)

Once again thanks a lot to BA, cant express my gratitude in just words.

Thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD, my mom - greatly helped me in all my needs, my dad - explained me so many banking terms for my interview preparation, my husband- stayed alone for long time without me and our son only for my success and my son - innocent one, helped me a lot without knowing it.

I have a small advice to BA readers, If you want to achieve something don't wait, do it at that time itself because time and good chances wont wait for us. I wish you all a great success in life and may God bless everyone.

Thanks & regards,

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