Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Success Story- Priya Barnwal(IBPS PO - Bank of Baroda)

Hello everyone
I am a small town girl from Bihar who is the first girl from her family to come out of home, do a post graduation, do a job and finally getting into government sector.

My story starts when I decided to do my MBA. My father spent some 1 lac on my coaching and then 10 LACS on my MBA. 3 years invested( I don't think I wasted my time because it made me learn a lot of things) but  I got placed in a private bank. My family was really happy and proud of me. 

I got my joining in June i.e, 3 months after end of college. I joined it and within some days I knew
that this is not the place I deserve to be in.. All my corporate dreams were shattered..The sales pressure, targets everything its not the thing for me.. Then I talked to my childhood bestie Lucky, she is working in Canara bank as a PO. I told her that I can't continue this job she made me believe that there is still time prepare for IBPS PO. I left my job on 4 th August and started preparing for bank exams. I used to study extensively for whatever time I was left with after cooking and other chores.

It was the most difficult phase in my life till now. I had to stay in the city I was working so that I can escape questions from everyone in my hometown and relations. I used to watch my hostel mates going to work and here I was still studying like mad for getting a job after investing 11 LACS AND THREE YEARS having failed my parents' expectations..

Gradually I talked to my mother and brothers about having left the job. The people who really supported me, without whom I couldn't have believed myself, have gone frustrated..my mother, my brothers and my friends.. I owe my success to them.. It's okay if you have calibre and confidence but you need loved ones to reaffirm it to you.. And also there is never end of life or career on one company, one exam or one person..

Three months of hard work and on 1st April I couldn't sleep till 5:30 in the morning and woke up at 9:00 am due to excitement but due to heavy traffic was able to see it at 1:30 pm only and YES IT'S BANK OF BARODA, MY FIRST PREFERENCE.. ON CLOUD NINE, FRIENDS AND FAMILY PROUD OF ME.. :D :D

Exams I took were

IBPS PO - Qualified, Bank of Baroda
Written-112 , total 57.2
SBI associate PO- final result awaited
RBI grade B- written failed
UIIC AO- written failed

Finally I would like to say that  it's said that behind every successful man there is a woman, I would like to add that BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL WOMAN ALSO THERE IS A WOMAN..

 Thank you ma love u a lot.. Last but not the least thank u BANKERSADDA TEAM AND SHRUTI MAM..I COULDN'T' HAVE CLEARED GK PART WITHOUT YOUR CAPSULES I VOUCH.. :) Keep doing the hard work all of us appreciate it wheather we say it or not... :D

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