Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Success story- Ullas Mohan, PO in Punjab and Sindh bank

AGE: 22             
PLACE: KERALA          
QUALIFICATION: BA English Literature, 2014 pass out. (84%)

Hai friends, 

First of all I wish to congratulate the dedication of Bankers adda team in moulding   young banking aspirants, their dedication is beyond comparison. I got to know about this site from my friend working in Federal bank. Since then I’ve been following it. Im not going to spread out my story like.. I was desperately writing all exams first of all I couldn’t succeed and all that. It is of no use to you. Im  giving you a strategy that I followed. I didn’t go for bank coaching, I went for Civil service coaching and I wrote all exams, so I think I can help you on my self-preparation point of view.  This is for PO.


Quantitative- study  first Data Interpretation start from simple bar graphs, make thorough how to calculate percentages of different types and average, then pie chart, line graph. Then prepare in the order profit, los, discount(high order), partnership(1sure que), SI and CI(practice one step formula que), speed, dist, time(same as si&ci), average(when 1 person added or subtracted, avg increase or decrease type usually), pipe and cistern( 2or 3 varieties having formulas), geometry(circle, square, rectangle, triangle study well. Hexagons if asked have single formula, know that) area and volume(cylinder, cuboid, cone usually asked) simplification que  now not asked in IBPS PO, but for Insurance exams you get it and all does it. Quadratic equations are simple and sure, everyone scores.

Reasoning-  first do syllogism, then L>m=A<J type practice these two well. If there is que on flats, a on no.1, c on no.3etc do it. Then in IBPS PO if  2 puzzle tests, one would be simple, crack it. Statement conclusion if 4, atleast 2 would be of normal logic, read twice and answer. Circular arrangement usually asked is some facing in some, out, need extensive practice. Input output, if you get idea in first 3min, write it, else skip. Reasoning have no shortcut no formulas, practice well.

English-  In  comprehension, read the first que, check for its core idea in the passage, check option, simple elimination. Synonyms and antonyms on passage, don’t  guess wildly. Sentence correction and fill in the blanks read and practice more. Though an English graduate I don’t know any rules of grammer, which word suit the best you’ll know  by reading newspapers and applying  trial and error. Sentence arrangement, first read all, analyse what is  it about, think of its first sentence, then from first sentence check which sentence explains it, that’s second. Go taking up the thread.

GK- Bankers adda, hindu(business page in particular)

Computer- bankers adda computer quiz, you get arihant books(Ive not referred), here go for good guessing works, try to score. I did just that.

Books- bsc publications IBPS po previous(in flipkart), bsc magazines(every month), fastrack arithmetic/ quicker maths/ rs aggarwal. English books are not mandatory, if you are very poor in it, buy SP Bakshi.

To do all 200 que in 120min, is humanly impossible, do what you know well.

This was my way of preparing, but it’s not the only way.

Wishing you success in all exams you write

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