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To Succeed in Life You Need Two Things – Ignorance and Confidence: Antara Misra (CLERK IN SYNDICATE BANK)

Hello BA ( My Eternal Friend !! ),

My story is quite common, but a little Long (The thought of writing a success story is itself so soothing).

I completed B-Tech in 2012 (CSE) with an hope that yes like my cousins even I will get placed in Campus Recruitments and have a happening life ahead, parties, luxury etc. was what I thought Corporate to be.. At an age of 18 when we were needed to choose a career, we always followed our elders and did the same, but at that time we never realize how life would treat us when we are 22. The same thing happened with me. I had too many expectations from B-Tech and so I took an education loan as my Father is an ESM. I was always a very bright student starting from my school days, but unfortunately this multiple choice thing was never lucky for me so I couldn’t secure good score in JEE Exams for Engineering and thus got Not-So-Good a college, at the time of joining I had only one thing in my mind that I would give my 100% in those 4 years and with good marks get a decent job, but Voila!!! Companies never look for Good Scores but College reputation is their Priority , so our college being 5 years old was not eligible for Top rated IT Companies and so my dream for Corporate shattered. (It’s not that I scored less there, I even was a college topper: P).

Then Reality came to Fore. I came back home after 4 years and then suddenly people, relatives started asking where are u placed?? So n so got this company etc. When all these things were surrounding me my only support were My Parents and My Significant Other (Now My Husband from last 1 month: D). Being the only child I was never left aside. They were more like friends to me and they said that “Don’t worry one day you will get a job full of respect and then life will treat you like a Princess”. The urge to try for Banks was only because of my husband (Now: P). He was the one who said that “Don’t just follow what everyone does. Going to Bangalore, working in a BPO for living and struggling for getting just 1 post, with a meagre salary of 10000 is not what you are made for”.

He said “Its fine You did B-Tech even I am an Engineer but that never means that You should end up in a corporate, why not try something challenging, secured and Prestigious,” and thus I ended up with a dream of being a Banker (Whatsoever be the post :P). Meanwhile Bank from which I took a loan started their usual cutting routine and so I had to find a temporary solution, and so joined in a Contractual Job in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya as an System Admin. A year passed by and I repaid them pretty well , I even appeared for bank exams but never cleared written, but again contract over, now what to do. I came back in 1 April ‘2014 and then My Mom and Dad said don’t lose hope try seriously this time and you will get it. So I did.

During my final preparations I came across “Bankers Adda” and my life changed, I have always been an active reader of BA. The time which I spent here was very helpful. Shruti Mam- My Angel, My Sister – She is the one who helped everyone to achieve their dream of being a banker. She always supported and encouraged me. My active BA Friends – Pi, Dreamer aka Biplab, Pallavi aka dreamy eyes(Partner), Bishnu Prasad Dash(got placed in 3 ☺ ), BOSS, Bindaas, VT, Sayan, Vaidehi etc. (Sorry if I forgot someone). The BA Capsules were life saver as I was 0 in GA. After those capsule my highest score in GA is 30/40 .You changed my Life BA and especially shruti mam. I owe you a big time and as I promised will come and meet u for sure.

Exams I gave last year

SBI Assistant – Written not clear

SBI PO – Written not clear

RBI Assistant – Written not clear

SBI Associte PO – Waiting for Final result.

IBPS PO 4 – Combined Score 48.2 , unable to clear cutoff 49.6(written – 85 interview – 71)


NIACL AO – Written not clear

NIACL Assistant – Waiting for interviews ☺

Through thick n thin , when I was completely shattered, jobless, depressed only people who supported me are My Mom, My Dad, My Hubby, His Parents, Shruti Mam and all my BA friends . A time was there when I gave around 20+ exams and each and every time did’nt clear written, but now after BA and a year of full serious preparation I cleared back to back 4 exams. You people have made my Life a happy one. When I sit back and think how 2014 was, I always felt without BA and You all, it would never have been worth living. Thank you BA – I owe my success to You ☺

Finally Almighty – Who gave me my path of career. I always prayed that just give me 1 job to support my Dad, who did everything to make me what I am today. So a big thank you “Sai Ram”.

I know this is not the end as my final aim is being CMD of any one bank :P (as BA people used to call me someday :P) so I believe journey of struggle never ends, we have to keep fighting all day. To people who are still struggling, always remember that YOU CAN. Nothing is actually impossible.

Thank you for reading my long story with so much patience…

I would end my story with just this line –

“Keep on trying harder every time you fail, because when success comes Failures always fade away and they remind you how fruitful they were for a beautiful Today”

Take Care and Keep Smiling


Clerk – Syndicate Bank

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