Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Hello readers,

Year 2012...
i passed out my B.tech from electronics and communication ..like all aspirants i too was dreaming for the vibrant future ahead but first dissapointment was that there was no campus placement from my college. .After college i tried for a job and got one but working for around 8 months wasnt satisfied with the work culture and routine so quitted and final pressure was on me for goverment job and my parents are both in government jobs so all forces from all direction was over me to try and get goverment job for decent and secure life :)

That was the moment from where real fight begins . .i started my preparation from mid of 2013. .As i
was a B.tech candidate and little proudy of my qualification i was dead sure to crack exam in a single shot but soon my thoughts were shattered when i wasnt even selected in ibps clerk . .after that i have given many exams with casual preparation but not made it into final lists. .Every time Dad and my mom asks me about result it seems like someone is slapping me right on my face . .

Finally i decided to give up everything and forget this world for a while and dedicate myself to the books. .i joined mahendra but gone for just a couple of days and i left . .now that was just me and my books . .i still remember those sleepless nights when i used to curse myself for not giving enough reasons to make my parents happy and that guilt i used in right direction and prepared myself like pyscho s during nights practising maths..apart of chatting my friends on facebooks and whatsapp i joined study forums and facebook group study group and sharpened my GA by regular knowledge  . .i cant even think anything beyond IBPS ,SBI , PO POST ,that had actually conquered my mind and finnaly the hardwork paid off :)

I got selected in SBI Clerk and with more efforts have made it into the final list :)

Whoa what a moment that was not because its my first goverment job but because i gave something to my parents to cheer for . .Now i too cleared RRB OFFICER SCALE ,IBPS CLERK (PNB) and finally the one which i will be joining soon IBPS PO in which i am alloted CANARA BANK (MY 3RD PREFERANCE)

I faced many problems during my preparation and i learned great lessons from those bad times when i fought alone keeping all frustration within myself . .

Never Never give up when you fail because the lessons you learn from your failures will become the reason of your success one day .

Yesterday the people who hardly give a damn now treating me already like an OFFICER :)))))

Everything aside just dont loose hope.PERSERVARANCE , DEDICATION , AND HARDWORK WILL LEAD ANYBODY TO SUCCESS.Believe in youself and success is all yours


Keep growing 
All the best to everyone for thier bright future.. !!

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