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A Minute’s Success Pays the Failure of Years : Success Story

A Minute’s Success Pays the Failure of Years 
Name:Divya Singh
Education:BCA + MBA degree holder

I have been dreaming to write my success story since January’15 since I started preparing for Banking Exams & finally here I am with my journey.I am a silent reader but a daily follower of BA.

I have been selected as PO & SO- Marketing in“Union Bank of India”

PO Written Score- 98.25, Interview- 64

SO (Marketing) Written Score- 113.13, Interview- 55
I wholeheartedly thanks to my family, my friends, Career Power & Bankers Adda, without them, it would have taken much more time for me to get here  
I had been working in a private company for more than 3 years but my papa always wanted to see me as a govt employee. It was his biggest dream to see me successful & settled in life & did everything for me. So I decided to live my papa’s dream finally & made it my dream. Now, the tears of happiness in his eyes give me immense satisfaction & happiness more than being selected as Bank PO. My mummy is no more but I am sure she would be on cloud nine too.

I stared with coaching from Career Power- Delhi- Laxmi Nagar Branch & it created a foundation for my preparation. Initially, I used to study almost everything in every subject but still lost a lot of exams (Insurance, RBI & SBI etc) in overall cut-off.

IBPS PO & SO were approaching, I got really depressed by seeing a cut throat competition & thought of a failure again. Then I paused & gave it thought that despite studying everything where am I lacking & then I realised that I need to change my strategy right away.
Then, I picked only those topics in which I was competent enough to secure good marks well above the cut-off & left rest. It was a big experiment & risk for me but I had to make it this time. Strategies can’t be same for all but I am sharing mine. Hope it will help few.
First & Foremost, the accuracy level- My fair accuracy in exam always saved me instead of attempting quite less. 

  • In IBPS PO Pre- attempted 56, scored 54. 
  • In IBPS Mains- attempted 104, scored 98.25
  • In IBPS SO- attempted 131, scored 113.13

So, increase your accuracy, it can really be a boon sometimes. Never tick any answer if you aren’t sure. “Tukke” can affect you score negatively.
Maths- My biggest nightmare (I remember tables only up to 12). Here, I picked only 9-10 topics, learned short tricks which were taught to us from coaching & made a strong grip over them by practicing. I didn’t follow any particular book, rather practiced from quizzes of BA, Arihant Book, RS Aggrawal Book etc.

Reasoning- Easiest & most scoring one for me but in the exam hall, reasoning section of IBPS PO gave me a mini heart attack & I was lost in a black hole for 2 minutes. But I didn’t lose my confidence. I knew I have to clear cut-off anyhow & did my best.
Usually, I didn’t use to study reasoning much, practiced some ques from Arihant Book. But now this section needs a rigorous practice since level of exam has become very high.

Computer- I thought of it as the easiest section being a BCA graduate but now I realise, nothing has remained easy. Anyway, I only read BA computer capsule & that worked for me.

English- I am average in English section (thanks to my reading habit of Novels, I can spend whole day with my novels). I practiced few questions from Arihant book again.

You really need to develop reading habit (anything you like, newspaper, stories or novels etc.) rather than just mugging up grammar rules in order to overcome the English Phobia. I know you have heard it many times but trust me, this is the key to success.

GA- My second biggest nightmare due to its huge course.  I just relied on daily news, BA capsule & quizzes of different websites.

Follow quizzes as much as you can, reading only theory won’t help much. Give regular speed test to evaluate your timing & score. This is very important for time management.

I read somewhere- “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful”. It triggered me like nothing else & then I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.
A little message to all the aspirants who couldn’t make into the final list:
Get your dreams back & make them real
Every one worked hard, few got through, few couldn’t. Every single person has the potential to achieve their goal; you just need a strong desire, a strong willpower & a right strategy to live your dream. If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.
Getting depressed by the failure is a part of life but giving up will never let you achieve anything. Failure teaches you lessons that nothing else can. Foremost thing is- Never let others demotivate you. Remember- The greatest revenge is massive success
I am sure; you all will land into your dream job soon, just don’t forget to live your dream 
A big Thank You for being a part of my journey. I wish all of you a great life & success ahead!

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