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Be the architect of your dreams: Success Story

Success Story (IBPS SO IT Officer V) –
Name: - Sandeep Kumar
BA disqus name: Sandeago (used occasionally)

My Background:
Passing out from a reputed college with BE (CSE) degree in 2014 I had high hopes to do well in IT sector so much so that it was my dream to join big companies because of my inclination towards software development. I started my career with Wipro Technologies and soon discovered it’s not offering the kind of challenge that I want as a developer. I switched to another consulting firm and to prevent myself from the tag of job hopper I decided to stay there for a while.
Unfortunately God had some other plans, and because of a security issue I was asked to put down my papers on 1st December, 2015. It was like whole sky crushing down upon me. My IT dream was broken midway before my wings could grow. I looked out for better job but having just 1 year experience meant nothing over my knowledge and passion and I kept falling short. My closest friend (also my Gf) told me that there is an IT officer exam which can be suitable for me. At that point I decided I am going to have to rebuild my dream. From my orientation towards private IT sector software development to something else.
My preparation:
By 5th December, 2015 I had decided to go for this exam building on the confidence my friend imparted in me. I filled out SBI SO and IBPS SO IT officer simultaneously. Unfortunately I prepared badly for SBI SO- mainly because I failed to cater enough importance to cloud computing and Oracle database internals which had filled up the Professional knowledge paper.
I realized my mistake of not looking at previous year papers enough and just preparing from ground up covering many theoretical textbooks from cover to cover.
Thankfully it helped me in better preparing for IBPS SO exam and today I have – Bank of Baroda IT officer job in my basket.
My Strategy: 
Prepare base for Professional Knowledge:
Compulsory part:-
DBMS :  Korth textbook
OS: Galvin- Silberschatz textbook
Networking: William Stallings book
Software engineering: Roger Pressman (can use online resources or other book as well)
Network Security: William Stallings book
Digital Electronics: Anil Maini book (follow anyone but cover the topics)
Computer Architecture: M Morris Manu
C/C++/Data Structure: I was fairly sound in it because of my background so dint cover; use any book that builds your confidence
Following subjects I covered but you may stick to MCQs only for these parts:
Compiler Design: Aho Ullman
Theory of Automata: Hopcroft Ullman
System programming: Donovan (assembler part only)
Target Professional Knowledge:
Next I decided to test and build upon my theoretical PK knowledge. I used these books:
Arihant IT Officer book , Disha publication professional knowledge book and Kiran Prakasan IT officer practice workbook

Quantitative Aptitude/Reasoning/English: 
It completely depends on your level of comfort. Contrary to popular belief I didn't follow any particular book, just solved exercises from above mentioned Arihant book and BA exercises especially for topics where I felt weak like jumbled paragraphs, sitting arrangement etc.
But if you feel like solving more to build confidence then go for it. 
Note: Please use pencil not pen for practice so you can reuse the paper after few days to write over it again ( It’s our duty towards nature to do this much)
Exam take up: 
Pk + English : 40 minutes ( 41 Pk ques + 49 english ques attempted)
Quant: 40 minutes (30 ques attempted)
Reasoning: 40 minutes (30 ques attempted)
Your time division should reflect your confidence upon different areas.Practice sets to ensure you stick to it.

Attempted: 150 , Scored : 133.13 ,  overall score – 67.05
Sorry for a long write up, thank you for reading. My only aim for this was to help out those minds who wander out regarding their approach to this exam. Hope it helps.
Special Thanks to BA whose quizzes, current affair articles & interview experiences helped me during my preparation & interview as I was a complete newbie to Banking field.
All the best to you all !! 
Hope your sweat shines in the form of joyful tears in your parent’s eyes someday…..

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