Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Journey does not end here: Success Story

Name - Harshit Madan
Place - Jalandhar (Punjab)
Education - MBA (Marketing)

I got placed in Coffee Day Beverages via campus placement. Left it within 4 months. very Unprofessional. Thanks to a cousin of mine. I started preparing for Bank Exams in July'2015 ending. First appeared for RBI Assistance, failed,thought it might not actually be my cup of tea.
Then came IBPS PO Prelims. I cleared it with good marks above cutoff. Thought yesss..atlast something good is happening! Tide is turning my way!!!! And then IBPS declared shortlisted candidates. Nope.

Meanwhile, the pressure from society started increasing. The most irritating question asked by our relative(duur ka ho ya paas ka), neighbors and 5 saal me ek baar milne vaale uncle aunty started "Aur beta kya kr rhe ho aaj kal?". And after hearing that i was preparing for Government Job, "Matlab Free hi ho...". Sadist people! Relatives call and say "Free hi ho aajkal..ajaya kro..".
The reason i am telling all this is that this happens with each and every person who is preparing for Government exams. But the trick is to not let them play with your mind. Let your results speak for you.
Yes, I encountered early stages of depression. Sometimes sleepless nights, sometimes too sleepy. But the preparation continued.
Meanwhile, marks of PO came. I got left behind by 0.25 marks in Computers. I thought "Ye to filmy scene jaisa hogya!". But that also gave me motivation.I am on the right path. And i can do it!

Cleared clerk prelims..attempted 174 in clerks. Because i did not loose hope. People tried to demotivate me..some unconsciously, some consciously. But i had just one thing in my mind.."This is my life and i will decide what happens with it."
Appeared in SO(Marketing Ofiicer).
I did not go to my convocation. As i was one of the toppers and teacher's favorites. I just did not have enough courage to tell the i am jobless..that i am experiencing the word we all have heard so much about."unemployment".

  • An then came 1st of April,2016.
  • Morning - Got selected as Marketing Officer in UBI
  • Evening - Got selected as Clerk in PNB

  • One day - 2 strikes. All critics, sadists silenced in one day. I had proved myself.

The world with play your mind. They will make you feel that you are worthless. Do not let them get inside your mind.
The key is to focus. Ignore the negativity, Believe in yourself, study hard. But do not forget to keep a fun and enjoyment in your routine to freshen you up.
I would like to thank my best friends. Who kept me away from being deviated..Priyanka Sharma, Harshit Jindal, Vipul Aggarwal, Baljit Singh Sembhi. Thanks alot for believing in me!
Also thanks to my Parents who believed i can do it, and kept motivating me through "Daant aur Pyar". Thanks.
For those who are still struggling,

Umeedo Ka Daaman Thaam  Rahe Ho..
To Haunsla Kayam Rakhna Kyunki..
Jab Nakamia Charam Par Ho..
To Kamyabi Behad Kareeb Hoti Hai!!


P.S. - i knew nothing nothing about Bank Exams. Bankersadda and IMS Jalandhar guided me through the path. Salute to both for the help and guidance.

Name:Sachin tripathi

I am a silent reader of bankersadda and student career power. First of all i was an avarage student ,never been a topper
Upto 12th class i was fair and good student. Parents send me to do engineering. I took mechanical branch, never had interest though.Completed my degree in 4.5 years, bit frustrated. Didn't got any job never tried though.A friend come mentor told me about banking field ,Started preparing for bank in july 2014
  • Ibps rrb scale 1 got 86
  • Rbi assitant -failed
  • Ibps po 2014 -34 marks
  • Overconfident about clerk ,didn't filled even.
  • Than i realized where i stand. came home from bhopal to self study.
  • Nicl assistant -failed
  • Oicl AO -failed
  • Sbi po pre - failed

Now something started tumbling  inside me to study more n more
  • Gave- lic ado -interview out(that pumped me up with so much confidence)
  • Now Rrb scale 1 got 109.12 out
  • Rrb OA -123 marks interview out
  • Ssc cgl tier 1-110.25(did not give mains because of ibps po)
  • Ipbs Po pre -74 marks (in mains went to wrong center{lol})
  • Lic aao -failed

Tension started again untill clerk mains
  • Ibps clerk-165.75 got Allahabad bank.

One thing never stop trying .give as many exams as you can .learn from previous mistakes.
Thank you my parents
Thanks my special one Vibhu
Thanks BA

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