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Success Story : Believe: “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Name:Shashi Sharma  
Place:Sheohar Bihar

I am a silent reader of Bankersadda. Story begins when I completed my graduation in BBA in 2014. Mostly, all my friends were preparing for banking jobs then I skipped  my thinking from private to govt. sector exam preparation.

  • My Failure....
  • My exams in 2014.....
  • SBI PO-not cleared... Final
  • RRB PO- not cleared
  • SIDBI Assistant Manager- not cleared
  • SBI Associate PO- not cleared  finally
  • IBPS PO- due to date of passing  I could not clear
  • RBI assistant- not cleared
  • IBPS CLERK-  again degree problem
  • SBI Associate Clerk- not cleared

I felt demotivated and frustrated. For  results & my girlfriend actually We both were studying togather in  BSC Muzaffarpur but something happened wrong because of my one best friend  that time  I feel like  how can I serve without her but due to my self respect. I control my self that time I went Pashupatinath Temple  Nepal for some santi (Puja)
then I decided to quit  these things as I thought I am not capable to clear these exams.  With out her because No one was there to guide me. Then after few days, I thought about it again and decided to dedicate 1 more year to clear these exams and if I will not be successful , I will get myself a private job. This time, I was very determined and focused. I became anti love for few months and decided  not to waste time and  I also deactivated my facebook account and uninstalled whatsapp. At the same time, I came to know about bankersadda from a friend. BA provided very valuable study material which increased my knowledge to a very large extent. I also gave regular online tests through career power online test series. These regular tests helped me to identify my weak areas, which then I improved, which in turn improved my scores.

Now in exams of 2015-
Nabard  not selected in merits
BOB Manipal-not selected in merits by 0,1%
SBI PO -in final list of students I am not selected by 0.25 %
IDBI Manipal assistant manager
IDBI executive
RRB PO-selected in Allahabad up gramin bank

IBPS PO-selected in Vijaya bank

So friends, if I had quit or drop my study in 2015 for girlfriend and my poor results , I could never have got 4 gov. jobs in 2016. Believe in God, never loose hope and keep on going & doing hard work, hard work will surely pay off. Stay away from negative people who tell you that you can’t do it. Just slap them by your results later on. For such negative people,

At last, my sincere thanks to BA and  my all friends
All the best to all friends ....

Name: Anonyms
  • Exam appeared
  • Bob clerk 2011 nt cleared written
  • Andhra clerk 2011only written cleared
  • Bob clerk 11 only writtrn
  • Ibps clerk 11 cleard 166 marks only
  • Ibps po2012 nt cleared
  • Sbi 2012 nt cleared(given paper when pregnant of 7 months)
  • Sbi po2015 pre nt cleared (eng 3.75)
  • Ibps rrb po missed by 4 marks
  • Ibps po 99.5 selected in corporation bank
  • Ibps clerk 2015 145.5 indian bank
  • Category General

Dear friends 
I am silent reader of ba who started preparation from 12 april 2015 nd got selected in ibps po in corporation bank and clerk in indian bank.i cant explain my happinness in words bec nt only i got selected bt also its d end of my 6yrs struggle. 

Yes its true i passed my graduation in 2010 and started preparing for bank exam cleard clerk 2 bank but made in merit list. That time it was not important for me bec i thought dt i ll get better. My affair was on charm and i have chosen my love and married in 2011. My parents stopped talking with me even today also they didnt recognized me after hearing my result. Yes its the life we have to be.friends within a yr i blessed wid a baby boy nd now the real life i have seen.I never thought about this kind of life so i started teaching in school when my baby was 6 months old only. But yes somewhere it is pinching that i am not @ dt position what i deserve my hubby knows this. Me and my hubby was managing the financial responsibility of house so all of sudden i cant leave my job so i decided to leave my job when my brother in law will get the job and my baby ll b 2 + yrs  so dt atleast he can manage his self wid his grand parents everything we have planned but destiny decides everything not us. On the day of travel to delhi i had suffered an acute pain in my stomach and got hospitalised they said goal stone. first operation den preparation and where i was assuming to have the class of banking i was inoperation theater in march. I had saved money for preparation dat has wasted in my operation. So now i was jobless and pennyless both. But my hubby was wid me we again decided to reserve a ticket in train and reached delhi on 11 april in a very bad physical conditions. It needs courage my hubby knew dt it will not b easy but we came to delhi wid 200 in our pocket. After 15 days he borrowed 4000 for me and i got admission in mahindra it was not the only class for me it was my pass for ibps po. I used to ask to teacher dt sir how to crack an ibps po in 6 months they were laughing and saying it is not a piece of cake. but one teacher # vikas sir!  has told me dat if you are frustrated give your frustration to study and i did. whole 6 months i studied only not a single day leave ys nd i cracked ibps . you will not believe i was getting only fare of bus of 5 days because he cant manage all things and i cant force him. girls r getting frustrate early i do but my hubby used to say our Tomorrow will b better dan today because we r still working on it. He says to me dat this painful life we have chosen nt god has given,temporarly u can solve d problem by doing priv8 job but d real pain ll nt go.nd d poem "kosis karne walo ki kvi har ni hoti "really i selected a perfect partner if i was studying whole night he was making a tea for me . My mother has not recognised my voice and my mother in law started crying after hearing my result i m lucky really. I did it bec i hv nt only selected my target even time too.

Thank you all

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