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Rise After Fall: Success Story

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A graduate engineer in E& C who was imprudent in technical skills so anticipated  the ultimate  path to get a job is to groundwork for non tech, sounds to be credulous but when started it made me realize the competitive world is messy and ever changing .I started without any guidance it was  july 2014 and the outcome was quite obvious, beginning was with SBI PO shattered me completely, got 48/200, gathered courage and appeared next one it was SBI clerk, the result was same a collapse, this time 112/200 gave me a little mettle, Next one was SIDBI got 94/200 once again a disappointment but by giving these and analyzing the pattern I quickly realized something is lagging and that was a guidance.
 The ray of hope came in the form of BA just before PO4 and cwe4 asst as I came to know about them, I mugged up all their capsules and appeared result started to came and from there I didn’t look back I always tried to be better then what I was yesterday, I was in competition with myself only a single thought that let me going.

Sharing the gloomy side but yet encouraging one 2014:-

1. SBI PO 48/200 an epic failure not even qualified cut off in 2 sections.
2. Sbi clerk 112/200 failure
3. Sidbi 94/200 failure cut off 114
4 Rbi asst 146/200 failed cut off 160 around
5 RRB PO 109 but didn’t got a call
6 RRB clerk 160 but no call
7 Niacl AO missed by 1 mark
8 Niacl AO missed by 4 marks 
9 UIIC AO by 2 marks 
10 Oriental AO by 1.75 marks
11 SBI asso po missed by 4 marks for interview call 

But after every dark night there is a bright morning, qualified many but success was still far 

1)Bob cards failed in interview 
2)Niacl asst got 157 written but missed after interview
3)Nicl asst rejected in interview
4)Syndicate bank manipal rejected in interview later selected through contingency list.
5)Big one SBI PO interview rejection.
6)IBPS PO4 reserve list wasted my one year who thought but it happened 
7)Nabard mains was not even close to the cut off 

But someone has rightly said:-
लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती।  So it started coming

1) First was LVB laxmi vilas bank (Chennai)
2)Syndicate bank manipal reserve list they declared 5-6 lists 
3)Bob manipal written score 121/200 got 16 match but was puzzled 
4)The biggest relief Ibps clerk got 160 written and overall 76.6 got PNB 

5)Just 3 days before my pnb joining got Sbi asso clerk result score 163/200 and 194/235 the biggest booster for me to get the tempo going, I decided not to join pnb and wait till October-november. Meanwhile it gave me 3-4 months intense preparation and converted that time to be the milestone for my carrier, I covered all my loop holes and also took coaching of Indian economics at delhi for Rbi and nabard and now it was my time 2016 year to convert my work process into reality. 

1)Sbi po 2015 appeared in interview, the very exam I didn’t even qualified cut off although missed but performed very well no regrets as the best was selected.
2)Ibps PO5 scored 112.50, in po4 it was 90 only last year a sharp rise.
3)Nabard asst scored 168.25 qualified
4)Sidbi written 
5)Lic AAO appeared attempts 151/160 written selected
6)IRDAI phase 1st 112 score and phase 2nd 3april 2016

Finally got officer job on 31 march and 1april both .
PO4 reserve list alloted :-Bank of Baroda
PO5 alloted :-IDBI as choices were exim,ecgc,bob,idbi and bob played the game overall 57.40

Much more is yet to come ,all I can say is keep working and of course follow BA the pioneers to unite virtual world through education hats off to yr team without yr efforts I could have been a mediocre performer, thanx my parents,guneet mam _/\_ team BA, and BA frenz u people are amazing.

                                                       Strategy I followed

1) Maths:-Sarvesh kr verma :-9chapters needed for banking, DI for cat by arihant and case studies from the same book ,Series questions from Mtyra and previous papers,Permutation and probability basics from NCERT only rest online test and BA quizzes(Time limit po 40 minutes)

2) Reasoning:- High level reasoning and puzzles , focused more on puzzles, and syllogism and inequality from solved papers of sbi and po only and quizzes and tests of BA (Time limit 45 min 

3) English:- Ardent reader of hindu and also referred a magazine the gist of hindu articles, noted down vocab and kept on revising, lastly around 150-180 online test , for English you don’t need much just read all I can say and analyze each and every test u give for English. Time 20-25 min

4) General awareness:-English and ga are my strongest portion, GA daily updates of BA and the Hindu download monthly questionnaire from the other websites, banking and other stuffs from BA capsules and tonic+ monthly updates of BA for each and every exam I revised upto 6 month, although 3 month is necessary but that gave me edge wrt other aspirants. (8-10min+com)

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