Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Success Story: One day you will achieve what you want,just trust one yourself

First Step of Success

BA Name- Career Estate
Real Name- Shakespeare ko Usse matlab nahi
Exam Cleared- IBPS PO

My Post is specially for those who start preparation late mainly boys. Now a days there are many type of courses and even many more universities. Some of us go the traditional way and some professional. Mind you B Tech is more traditional than B Sc or BA these days. I m one of few( may be many too) who prefer passion more than money or job. I have done B Sc. & M Sc but not in regular combinations. So I had no choice other than my field.

M Sc.-2009
1st Bank Exam-Syndicate Bank PO 2010 Sep 29
Experience from the exam- PO is very difficult

Appeared for IBPS Clerk--I
Score- 150/250 Reasoning 23 Cut off 24
Written Cut off 130 odd NOT SELECTED

Appeared for IBPS Clerk--II (1st online)
Score-125/200 (Cut off 120)
Interview- Answered all but they think My field is better
Overall Score -62.7 (State Cut off-65.8) NOT SELECTED

Left Banking preparation and concentrated on my subject and job. Got a contractual job in my field in 2013 and contract not extended beyond July 2014.

Age limit for clerk not there
One of my friend suggested me to go for Bank PO as all the GK regarding Government schemes and all are of Modi Government ( Which is easy for me to remember as I am a keen follower of BJP and its policy and ideology)
At 28/29 it is hard to concentrate on study only. One of my friend in Delhi suggested me about BANKERS ADDA.

From that day I follow BA only. With time I develope interest in Banking preparation.

My methodology-
One set daily from any where with timer.
1st Check No of attempt in stipulated 2 hours.
Set the timer again and do the left out( which are difficult one obviously)
Check your speed, questions which you are not able to solve often, silly mistakes and all.

Search similar type of Posts from BA and rectify your mistakes and increase your speed.

For Math
I back my traditional knowledge than tricks. If you are using tricks make sure you are well acquainted with it. From BA tricks I adapted few with time.

For reasoning
I do every reasoning post of BA. Logical reasoning is by luck my strength. I had problems with input-output. I practiced on that. Rest I was ok.

For Computer
Only BA post & Capsule. Nothing much.

For General Awareness
One Banking awareness book (Once you master this no need to study again & again)
For current affairs BA posts and Capsules
For few traditional GK back my school GKs
Different copies for different GK to note down like politics, sports, awards, committee, schemes, world index, ( stopped after few month due to lazyness and also due to BA capsule in same format)

For English
If feeling bored with other subject I do English that too selective BA posts.

Just one month before IBPS - IV PO I started doing all this.

IBPS PO- IV 72/200 (attempts89 only) NOT SELECTED
SBI ASSO. 99/200 attempts 112 (Cut off 107) NS
UIICL AO 100/200 attempts 122 (Cut off 128) NS
National Insurance-- NS
New India Insurance-- NS

Shifted to Delhi for more focused environment
SBI Pre 43.5/100 attempts 50 cut off 47.5 NOT SELECTED (lost 4 mins due to cimputer failure)
RRB PO IV 106.31 attempts 139 cut off 109 NOT SELECTED

IBPS PO- V (my last chance)

Pre 59/100 attempts 61 (cut off 37.5)
Main 95.25/200 attempts 112 (cut off 76)
Not a single banking questions
Questions like how you link your subject Banking
They suspect me as Civil Service Aspirant
1. What is FDI? What a foreign company will look in India for investing ?
2. What is the permitted amount of FDI in insurance?
3. What is the condition of China's economy? How it will affect India?
4. What is infrastructure? What are its components?

I have answered all the questions with my knowledge gained through TV Debates in English News Channels and Rajyasabha & Lok Sabha TV. My answers were not structured.

They gave 61/100 in interview.

I just cleared the PO in same bank which I started way back in 2010.

My two friends & Bankers Adda is the reason of this 1st step of success. I have written this post for people who are lazy and think Banking is difficult to crack. I have just done structured word not much hard work. One more thing I want to say is make your own strategy in examination and stick to it no matter how difficult the questions were.

Even during IBPS main I entered the examination hall after reading the Bankers Adda exam analysis of 1st Batch. That was really helpful to me and also to one of my friend (whom I met just before exam). He is now a regular follower of BA and got United Bank of India.

Thanking you all and wishing you all the best for your life.
Jai Bharat

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